Ricky Gervais on The Ricky Gervais show axe: “I wouldn’t want the quality to go down”


Ricky Gervais has explained why he chose to axe his animated podcast series, The Ricky Gervais Show. He said he didn’t want the shows quality to dip by producing too many episodes.

The Ricky Gervais Show aired in the US on HBO and in the UK via Channel 4 for three seasons, however, the show was cut on Gervais’ request, following the production of 39 episodes.

The animated series of podcasts saw Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant talk about an array of different topics in a studio, with animations added over the top once sent into production.


He says he is proud of the show and how successful it turned out to be, however it was the right time to knock it on the head.

Speaking to The Sun in the UK, Gervais explained: “Why have I knocked it on the head? Well, apart from the fact that I have a very short attention span, we actually made more episodes of The Ricky Gervais show than anything else I’ve ever done.

“I also think we used all the best bits and I wouldn’t want the quality to go down. I was thinking of recording brand new audio at one time but then I realised that it wouldn’t be the same”.


Speaking about Karl, who came across as a bit of a moron in the series, Gervais said he has changed and that he’s wiser now.

“Karl has certainly changed. He’s wiser, believe it or not, so it’s nice that the show survives in a time capsule as a document of when he was a moronic little shaven Manc chimp.

“Also, it was quite time-consuming and I was only the one of the three of us that actually produced the show. Lazy buggers. I worked hard for my lion’s share.

“I really need concentrate on new projects. I’m writing and directing the second series of Derek, a movie, and possibly bringing David Brent back for a special project”.