Rihanna is apparently back in the studio working on her new album

by Martin
DJ Mustard

Rihanna headlining T in the Park on Saturday the 13th of July 2013.

Rihanna hasn’t released an album since her seventh studio release ‘Unapologetic’ which believe it or not was first released back in November 2012.

The album featured hit singles ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Stay’ and worked alongside David Guetta and Eminem on collaborations for the release. It turns out however, the singer is now working on some new material.

According to one of the producers working with Rihanna on her eighth studio album it’s already a work in progress.

DJ Mustard, the producer who has commented on the new release has worked with the likes of B.O.B and Bow Wow on previous songs and hinted that Rihanna’s next album will have a more urban sound.

DJ Mustard

He has revealed that he has been working in the studio with Rihanna and they’ve got at least one track already that they know will be on her next album.

The producer said: “I’m finally going in with Rihanna,” the producer told website Hiphop-N-More, adding that there was no style or sound for the album as yet, stating that the pair would ‘figure it out’ as they go.

“I’m just doing what I think she would like, and if she don’t like it we’ll just figure out something else in the studio, and I’ll just keep making beats ’till she figure it out. But she’s gonna get one.”

We’re wondering if one of the new songs could also be a collaboration with Katy Perry after the ‘Firework’ sensation confessed that she’d always wanted to work with Rihanna.

Katy Perry Rihanna

However, they’d only release something they were sure was a masterpiece. Just before Christmas Katy Perry was a guest host on Los Angeles radio station 102.7 KIIS FM and said:

”We’ve actually been talking about it for years, so we can’t let anyone down. We have to do the best song ever. Beyond that, I think we’ll definitely get around to it and when it happens, you are going to know.”

Could it be? Are you excited for new material from Rihanna? Would you be interested in a collaboration from Rihanna and Katy Perry? Let us know below or on Twitter & Facebook.

Have a listen to ‘The Monster’ below which was released by Eminem and features vocals from Rihanna

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