Rizzoli and Isles 5×01 recap: Jane’s pregnancy, Maura and Frankie deal with their kiss!


Rizzoli and Isles’ season four finale left us all shell shocked, so we were counting down the days until the start of season five.

Of course, the season four finale ended where Jane decided that she was not going to marry Casey. She then found out that was she was pregnant – OMG! Alongside that bombshell, there’s Maura and Frankie’s blossoming relationship when the pair kissed in the season finale.

Jane worries about her pregnancy, with vivid dreams of her cradling her baby. She avoids telling Angela, despite Maura’s protests and hasn’t told Casey about the baby, as she doesn’t know how she feels herself about the news.

This week, the duo investigate the case of a viciously murdered female jogger in the park, and the case takes an unexpected turn when they discover the woman, called Susan, was jogging with her baby – and the child is missing. A case which is close to Jane’s heart, her worry towards the missing child is visible as she pushes the team to find out about other family members and putting hospitals on alert.

Frankie and Maura are visibly awkward around each other after their kiss, and Jane begins to suspect there is something going on between the two. Maura suggests the pair need to talk and says their kiss can never happen again, and Frankie tells Maura she is like a ‘sister to him’. hmmm… we think there’s a lot more to it than that!

The team investigate a convicted paedophile who lives near the playground where Susan was murdered and the child taken. He claims that he makes videos of children’s early years at the request of their parents. Emotions are high as the child’s father pushes Frankie to tell him more information. While their first port of call was to look up paedophiles in the area, Maura discovers that the killer was a woman, it wasn’t random and the attack felt personal.


Jane discovers that it wasn’t the child’s mother Susan who asked for the video of him but his dad’s girlfriend, Caitlin. Jane suspects that they butted heads over alimony payments and they wanted Susan dead so he could keep the money and keep the child. Susan’s sister revealed that she was going for full custody of her child and that Ray knew this.

Frankie found that Ray was using Caitlin’s phone so her mobile phone ping on cell towers would give her an alibi but Maura struggles to find any forensics to tie Caitlin to Susan’s death. Jane asks “he’s a baby, who’s looking out for him?” and Maura responds “You are” awww.

Angela continues to suspect there’s something going on with Jane. She goes to see Maura and with her being such a terrible liar (and the fact Jane hasn’t been drinking her coffee!). Angela figures out Jane is pregnant and is over the moon.

After interrogating the suspect, Ray tells Jane the location of the baby, in a church, but he still hasn’t turned up and milk has been stolen. They discover that a homeless woman has Brian after she found him alone in the church and he is safe and well.

It was revealed that episode’s one and two of the fifth season would address Lee Thompson Young’s death. Production had to be temporarily shut down on the TNT drama near the end of season four after his death and at the end of the season, it was revealed that Frost was on vacation. At the end of the episode, the team recieved the shock news that while Frost was driving back from his mother’s there was an accident. An incredibly sad scene but kudos to the cast and writers for how well they have handled the situation.

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