Robbie Williams reveals he paid £1 million to leave Take That

by Martin


Take That, back in the ’90s were probably one of the biggest boy bands the UK had to offer and even on their return in recent years they still went on to sell out arenas on various tours.

One member of Take That though, Robbie Williams has always been in and out of the band and in a recent interview with BBC Radio 4 he revealed he paid a large sum of money to leave the band.

Speaking with BBC Radio 4 Robbie Williams discussed being a member of Take That back in the ’90s and he told host John Williams how he managed to leave the band back in 1995 when he was just 19 years of age.

In the interview, he didn’t want to say too much for legal reasons but the star who is for now flying solo explained:

Robbie Williams

“For reasons that I can’t go into, because certain people like suing me and they like winning, there was a big need for me to get out of my contract and out of that record company.”

Robbie Williams also revealed that for him to leave it cost him “a million and half to get out of the deal” – an amount which was higher than what he earned.

He admitted: “I ended up coming out of Take That owing £500,000.” Robbie was also asked whether he was sacked from Take That or whether he made the decision to walk away, he said: “A bit of both.”.

The now 39 year old singer also discussed details surrounding his decision to leave the hugely popular band after completing one more tour with the other four.


However he was asked to leave prior to the tour finishing so that the remaining four members of the band could prove they were just as popular with only four members.

Back in 2010 Robbie Williams rejoined Take That to record their album ‘Progress’.

Robbie Williams himself is due to release his latest effort ‘Swing Both Ways’ on the 18th of November and will compete against former Take That member and close friend Gary Barlow who is also releasing new material.

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