Rock beats Pop thanks to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg and Bastille! Even One Direction couldn’t stop them!

by Martin

Arctic Monkeys

It’s not often you get to claim that rock beats pop but that’s what we’re saying this morning – though the pop genre is still incredibly popular.

Of course One Direction had incredible success last year but they aren’t the only group in the pop genre so when you combine all the artists in the rock genre, they just had that edge in 20103, in terms of sales it has been confirmed by industry experts.

Sales of rock albums in Britain (helped in part by Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’) have risen to 33.8% of the UK market, which is up from 31.3% in 2012.

For pop however, it’s on the decline as record sales in the pop genre fell from 33.5% to 31% according to the music industry body BPI.

One Direction SNL

This news may come as a surprise to some as some of the biggest selling albums of 2013 were ‘Pop’ albums including ‘Midnight Memories’ from One Direction. It didn’t just sell well at home, but topped charts globally and was in part responsible for the boys being crowned the best selling global artists of the year.

BPI have confirmed however that rock is selling and it’s a surprise, as it’s the first time rock music has outsold pop music in five years, as it the genre enjoyed its biggest sales count since 2008.

In third place was Dance music which was up just 2% to 8.3%, thanks to the likes of Daft Punk and their hit album ‘Random Access Memories’.

Robbie Williams and Michael Buble who fall into the “easy listening” category of artists followed in fourth place with just 8.1% of sales.

British singer Williams addresses audience  during Bambi 2013 media awards ceremony in Berlin

Gennaro Castaldo, a spokesman for BPI commented: “With Arctic Monkeys now taking on near-iconic status, and the likes of Jake Bugg and Bastille to name a few connecting with a new generation of fans, rock music looks set to enjoy another wonderfully vibrant period.”

Arctic Monkeys weren’t the only artist however to help rock overtake pop. The BPI reports that thanks to Official Charts Company data the likes of Jake Bugg and Bastille also played a big role.

Mumford and Sons and Rod Stewart also got an honourable mention and it looks like the acts are set to continue their success into 2014, as Arctic Monkeys are set to headline the T in the Park and Reading & Leeds festivals.

Last year saw Mumford and Sons headline both Glastonbury and T in the Park while Jake Bugg and Bastille also featured on the festival circuit. We’d be surprised not to see them out and about again this summer.