Rock & Chips – The Frog And The Pussycat

It’s 1961 and Joan is still keeping the Trotter fortunes afloat, as John Sullivan’s comedy drama following the early lives of the Trotter family and their friends in Peckham returns for a one-off special.

Joan is holding down two jobs – one at the Ritz cinema and the other as Freddie Robdal’s charlady. But she’s been working for Freddie for six months and still doesn’t know how to turn on his vacuum cleaner – their time is spent in far more romantic pursuits. Back at the Ritz, Joan is plagued by the less welcome attentions of her boss, Raynor. Every day she dreams of a new life with Freddie, but she knows she needs to see Del settled first.

Del is doing his best, continuing to get himself hitched to half of Peckham. He’s particularly keen on the lovely Barbara – whose father has a thriving funeral business and a well-appointed home in Peckham posh-spot, King’s Avenue. Things are going extremely well until Del gets trapped in the kitchen with Barbara’s inebriated mum…

Meanwhile, DI Thomas is still desperate to get an arrest for the Margate jewellery heist and Freddie’s fondness for Joan proves to be his undoing.

This hour-long comedy drama special once again stars Nicholas Lyndhurst as light-fingered Freddie Robdal, Kellie Bright as ever-hopeful Joan Trotter and James Buckley as the young Del Boy. Phil Daniels returns as Grandad, Shaun Dingwall is back as work-shy Reg Trotter and Robert Daws is Joan Trotter’s sleazy manager, Raynor. Paula Wilcox picks up her knitting needles again as Reg’s mother, Violet, and Mel Smith is back to restore law and order to the streets of Peckham as Freddie’s nemesis, DI Thomas.

Thursday 28 April
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

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