Rogue Traders star Dan Penteado will be arrested over allegations of benefit fraud!

The BBC’s Rogue Traders – which exposes tradesmen who rip people off – is facing some embarrassment this morning as it’s been reported the show as its very own alleged rogue in the form of Dan Penteado…

As fans of the show will know, along with co-presenter Matt Allwright, Dan (pictured on the left above) helps to set up tradesmen who are suspected of scamming their customers into carrying out one of those cons on camera.

However, the Sun reports today that Dan has been charged with suspected benefit fraud, and Bournemouth Borough Council’s legal representative, Joanne McNamara, has told a court that the council has evidence that he misappropriated around £24,000 of state benefits.

Penteado was due apparently supposed to appear at the hearing before magistrates in Bournemouth, Dorset yesterday, but he failed to obey the summons and therefore a warrant for his arrest has been issued…

The paper adds, “Dorset police today confirmed they are making enquiries to trace Portuguese-born Penteado, 40, so they can arrest him.”

A spokesman for Dorset police said, “We can confirm that an arrest warrant has been issued for Mr Penteado over allegations of benefit fraud.

“It will go to our warrants’ department as a normal investigation so we can try and serve it as soon as possible.

“We will obviously look to try and find out where he is.”

The charges brought relate to Dan allegedly claiming benefits as a student between 2008 and 2012.

In court, Ms McNamara said, “Mr Penteado was claiming housing benefit and council tax benefit on the basis he was a full-time student with a family.

“He received benefit on that basis. Over a period of time his position has changed. He was actually employed on BBC’s Rogue Traders’ programme as a motorbike rider.

“There are a number of offences. Some relate to failing to disclose a bank account which his wages were paid into, others relate to failing to notify a change in his circumstances when he was hired by the BBC.”

She added that his salary from the BBC “varied from year to year.”

She claimed that in 2008, he was paid “more than £16,000” and between July 2009 and March 2012, Ms McNamara added that he received “more than £15,000.”

He then allegedly received a further £18,000 for work carried out between July 2010 and January 2011, and around £6,000 for work between May and December 2011.

Ms McNamara concluded that Penteado had therefore been overpaid £24,077.60 in housing and council tax benefit that he wouldn’t have been entitled to if he had declared his BBC work and salary.

When he’s not working on Rogue Traders, it seems Dan works as a private investigator both in the UK and abroad.

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