Sky today announced details of ROOFTOP RAINFOREST, a two-part documentary which follows one eccentric visionary who wants to bring the Amazon rainforest to the heart of a city.

ROOFTOP RAINFOREST will be broadcast on Sky 1 HD on the 4th and 5th April 2010, as part of Rainforest Week – a line up of programmes scheduled to raise public awareness for the issues facing our planet today and how we can help protect it.

The programme follows urban ecologist and wildlife expert Dusty Gedge in his ambitious effort to build an indoor rainforest on top of London’s Westfield Centre in Shepherd’s Bush. Gedge will face countless obstacles as he attempts to construct a structure to house tropical trees, plants, animals and insects. Not only will he be faced with the logistical and planning challenges of completing the structure on top of a major public building, but he’s also working to an extremely tight schedule as the rainforest must be complete in time for WWF’s Earth Hour.

At 8.30pm on March 26th, as Earth Hour begins and the lights of London’s skyline go out, the structure will become a place of wonder and beauty, lit only by dozens of solar lamps that will be hidden amongst the trees and foliage. ROOFTOP RAINFOREST will raise awareness of both Earth Hour and the importance of the long-term conservation of the world’s natural habitats.

Dusty Gedge comments: “This is a unique endeavour for someone who creates habitats at roof level. No one has attempted to create a rainforest on a roof before. It is certainly an interesting challenge but pretty daunting too.”

Mark Aldridge, Executive Producer, Sky 1 added: “This programme is a truly unique endeavour, which has drawn upon the expertise of individuals from across Sky and has brought together an array of people from across many different walks of life from outside of Sky. The event is a testament to the power of people pulling together and highlights an environmental issue that affects us all.”

Steve Wynne, Executive Producer, Rival Media comments: “This is one of the most challenging projects Rival have ever been involved with. Dusty has only 70 days to build a rainforest on a rooftop. It’s an extraordinary experiment and we still don’t know if he’s going to achieve it or not.”

In October 2009 Sky joined forced with WWF and its customers to launch Sky Rainforest Rescue – Sky Rainforest Rescue – a three year project working in partnership with WWF to help save a billion trees in the state of Acre, northwest Brazil. A donation of just £20 will help save 1000 trees and Sky will match every donation up to the joint target of £4 million. For more information visit:

Alongside ROOFTOP RAINFOREST, Rainforest Week will also showcase a variety of environmentally themed programmes. On Sky Movies, we will show the premiere of a Rio Special, to tie in with the premiere of brand-new movie Rio. The special will have with exclusive access to the cast and crew and as well as a report on the rainforest. Also on Sky Movies will be the hugely successful Avatar alongside The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Crimson Wing, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest and Battle for Terra. On Pick we follow presenter Steve Jones as he embarks on The Jones’ boys Amazon Adventure.

On Sky Arts, Donald Sutherland narrates the Oscar-nominated animation, The Mighty River alongside critically acclaimed environmental animation The Man Who Planted Trees. Also in Rainforest Week, Nat Geo Wild will show factual one-offs, Backyard Zoo, My Lion Family and Swamp Men.