Ross Kemp: Teenage Gangs of South London

Ross Kemp
UPDATE!!!! Ross has recently released a book called Gangs to accompany his TV series. It makes a fantastic read and is being snapped up VERY quickly. If you want a copy I’d advise buying it asap! Here is the link.

Sky One is sending Ross Kemp into the heart of some of the most troubled areas in London as he looks to get to grips with the heightening wave of violence and murder on some of the same streets he lived on as a young actor in the 80’s and 90’s. Taking a break from filming with some of the world’s most notorious gangs for his award winning series, Ross will be looking to find new insights into the recent spate of shootings, stabbings and assaults tearing families and communities apart.

In 2007 alone, the reported murders of London teenagers have rarely been far from the headlines, with one of the most recent being the tragic stabbing of 15 year-old Adam Regis, the nephew of former Olympic sprinter John Regis. Despite several amnesties, the availability of guns and knives on the streets of London continues to be a major problem, but more alarming is the willingness of youths to use them with fatal intent.

Having spent time with several of the most feared organisations in the world, Ross Kemp will get close to some of the gangs on the streets of South London to find out how they have evolved, why the situation has become as serious as it currently is and what can be done to bring things back from the brink.

Looking at different sides of the problem Ross will speak to both members and victims of the London gang scene. Such as Frank, a former member of ‘The Peckham Boys’, one of South London’s most feared gangs, who blames the recent murders on a lack of gang hierarchy and respect and Jennifer, an ex-gang member now helping youths change their violent ways.

The Police will explain the work they’re doing to integrate the communities, seal the widening rifts and attempt to keep the peace, while working under the most sensitive circumstances. Finally, Ross goes to the top in order to understand how the Government hopes to restore law and order on the streets, speaking to The Home Secretary, John Reid, to get his views on how communities, victims and recruits of London’s gangs can be rescued from the current crisis.

Ross Kemp: Teenage Gangs of South London will go touch upon the lives of London’s gang members and the communities affected by them, offering viewers unique insights into how and why so many young lives are being consumed by violence in Britain’s capital.

Ross Kemp: Teenage Gangs of South London, April 16th, 10:00pm, exclusively on Sky One.

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