Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon Team Up With Sir Tom Jones and Robin Gibb For Red Nose Day Single

by Lisa McGarry


Gavin and Stacey stars Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon, who perform as Bryn West and Nessa Jenkins, have teamed up with Sir Tom Jones and Robin Gibb to release a single for Red Nose Day . The special collaboration dubbed ‘(Barry) Islands In The Stream’ will be one of two official Comic Relief singles which will be released on March 9th.


The track is titled “Barry Islands In The Stream” and came about after Bryn and Nessa caused renewed interest in the classic duet when they sang their rendition of the song at Gwen’s birthday barn dance in series 2 of “Gavin and Stacey”. The excerpt from the series which features Nessa and Bryn performing the duet and accompanied by a group of line dancers quickly became one of the most downloaded comic clips on YouTube. In fact, their rendition had even been seen by the Bee Gees and when Barry and Robin were approached for permission to record the song Robin Gibb personally called up and said he was a huge fan of the show and would do anything for Comic Relief.

The hilarious epic mini-film/video, shot in the style of the TV series, sees Bryn and Nessa leave Barry Island and the arcade (where they run into Robin Gibb) to head to Las Vegas (where they run into Sir Tom) to fulfil every karaoke fan’s dream of taking part in the World Karaoke Championships – you’ll have to wait until the first exclusive showing of the full 9 minute video (scheduled for Feb 20th) to see how they got on. The video also features none other than Pop Idol’s (Nasty) Nigel Lythgoe playing the role he is best known for as a judge at the championships.


The CD single also includes Bryn’s brilliant version of James Blunt’s “Wisemen” and if that weren’t enough we are also treated to Nessa and Bryn crooning ‘Something Stupid’ – both songs also featured in series 2 of Gavin and Stacey.

This spectacular single together with the video and extra tracks package is already tipped to be a big hit so get the single on download on the 8th March and on CD on the 9 March. Profits from the record will go to Comic Relief to help poor and vulnerable people in the UK and Africa. The duo are set to perform the track on Comic Relief’s enormous Night of TV which kicks off at 7pm, BBC1 on Friday 13th March.

Barry Islands In The Stream is out March 9th on Mercury Records. Pre-order NOW from