Sally Lindsay, Bobby Ball, Pauline Collins, Daniel Ryan to star in Sky 1’s Mount Pleasant

A who’s who of British TV talent takes up residence in Mount Pleasant, a relatable and honest comedy drama coming to Sky 1 HD this August (Week 34).

Whether she’s fending off female advances towards her loveable plumber husband Dan, stewing over why he thinks her best feature is her bum rather than her boobs or deciding whether to have potato skins with an extra dollop of sour cream or onion rings with a pot of thousand island dressing (or both) at lunch with the girls – Lisa Johnson loves her life. Even when her smock top is mistaken for a baby bump and when a steamy soak with Dan is interrupted by her mum scrubbing the lav, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Welcome to Lisa’s world …

Sally Lindsay (Coronation Street, Phoenix Nights) is Lisa, a 30-something Mancunian who has been married to plumber Dan (Daniel Ryan, The Street) for ten years. Lisa and Dan live on a smart cul-de-sac in Mount Pleasant, a small suburb to the south of Manchester. Lisa’s ever-present parents Sue (Pauline Collins, Upstairs Downstairs, Shirley Valentine) and Barry (comedy veteran Bobby Ball) live nearby.

At the heart of the show are Lisa and Dan: they love each other, but aren’t above a bit of a scrap when the occasion arises. Particularly when their temptress neighbour Bianca (Sian Reeves, Cutting It, Emmerdale) offers Dan a slice of her fish pie. But while Lisa is used to fending Bianca on a daily basis, she has no idea that another woman, the recently widowed Kate (Liza Tarbuck, Linda Green), is making a play for Dan.

Lisa navigates the highs and lows of life with the help of her best friends and workmates Shelley (Angela Griffin, Waterloo Road) and Denise (newcomer Ainsley Howard), but finds herself struggling with her emotions when she encounters sexy singleton Jack (Owen McConnell, Single-Handed).

Elsewhere, Shelley has her own issues to deal with, when she suspects husband Greg (Adrian Bower, Teachers) of having a gambling problem. Sue and Barry have no such worries, however, their biggest debates are sparked by what sort of jacket Barry should buy for their coach trip to York.

Lindsay comments: “I’ll tell you why this show is new and different. Because, you know what, it really isn’t grim up North. People are so scared about portraying anything different about the north. Obviously some people are better off than others, but it seems to me the only portrayal we have ever seen is all flat caps and whippets and back to back terraces. I think this is just a fantastic portrayal of life up North now, not for everyone, but life isn’t the same for everyone anywhere. In most Northern dramas that come out everything’s very gritty, there’s always a grey hue, there’s always rain, everyone’s very depressed – and it’s just not like that for lots of people out there. MOUNT PLEASANT is a genuine representation of thirty-somethings with a bit of money up in the North, played by Northerners.”