Sam Callis Joins The Bill

Best known for his roles in London’s Burning and The Royal, Sam Callis has joined The Bill to play fearless Sergeant, Callum Stone.

Independent and courageous, Stone has his own moral code and strict sense of justice, he loves the uniform and the statement it makes. He is also happy to go that extra mile and sort the odd dispute in his own time as it gets him remembered and knows a favour in return might be needed as some point.

Stone is not afraid to be creative with the law – never for his own gain but always to deliver justice. Stone will get along with most of the officers at Sun Hill, especially the women, but Sergeant Smithy (Alex Walkinshaw) makes it clear he has a problem with Stone’s desire to go solo…

Sam says “I am extremely excited to be playing Sergeant Stone who is a terrific character and something I can really get my teeth into. He has an amazing storyline journey and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I have already met a lot of the cast and crew through previous jobs so have managed to settle in quickly. Stone isn’t the first character I’ve played in The Bill, my first visit was to play an alcoholic priest!”

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