Sam Smith hopes to be a “legend” and reveals that coming out was good for him

by Martin
Sam Smith has been nominated for six GRAMMYs
Sam Smith has had an incredible 2014 so far!

Sam Smith has had an incredible 2014 so far!

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith is quickly making a very big name for himself both here in the UK and across the pond in the US, and as his legion of fans will know, he’s had a number of hit singles and his debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ has been a massive success too. And of course, Sam hopes that’s a trend that will continue.

The ‘Stay With Me’ singer has confessed that after meeting with American Vogue editor Anna Wintour – while he was working with Teen Vogue – he realised just how much he wanted his career and success to last.

Of meeting Wintour, 22-year-old Smith said: “It’s beautiful to meet someone who is truly a legend in her field. I’d like to be a legend in my field, one day.”


He added: “It was like walking into ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. The only thing that wasn’t like it was Anna. She was the most kind and friendly person.”

As to who else he’d like to meet, Sam said: “I’d love to meet the Queen. I don’t want an award – I literally want to shake her hand.”

Yesterday, Sam, along with a whole host of other music biz big hitters, took part in the recording of Band Aid 30’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ which is set to be another huge hit as bookies reckon the reworking of the iconic festive track will land the all-important No1 spot in the UK Singles Chart during Christmas week. The video will have its first airing on UK TV during tonight’s X Factor results show.

But back to Sam, and while speaking with ‘OUT‘ magazine – who named him ‘Breakout of the Year’ – recently, Sam discussed how the whole ‘coming out’ process made him feel.

He remarked: “My aim is to tell people how good it’s been for me so that, hopefully, gay men or parents with gay children can look at my story and think, ‘Wow, that’s how it should be’.

“That’s been my whole motive — to not make it a talking point. My music should be a talking point. My voice should be a talking point.”

Check out Sam performing Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge earlier this year and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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