Samantha, Ray & Steve are looking for love on tonight’s The Undateables on Channel 4

by Anna Howell

Tonight see’s the next instalment of Channel 4’s popular documentary show, The Undateables.

This week viewers will see Samantha, a 34-year-old extreme sports fan, making the best of her life, surrounded by great friends and prospects, but missing one main element – love.

Samantha has a beautiful home, with an amazing education, she has a PhD in psychology, and a successful and driven career.

What she also has is achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, which she believes is attracting all the wrong types of men.

Her height, 3 foot 10, should be irrelevant to any would-be suitors, as Samantha is a bright, attractive and articulate woman.  However, as any career woman in their 30’s might be, Samantha is still lacking the company of a good man.

Looking for someone as go-getting and inspired as she is, will Samantha pick James from New Zealand, or rocker Colin?

Then there is Ray.  Ray is a 49 office worker with a learning disability and a broken heart.

Three years ago Ray was left devastated when his fiancée, Lolita, ended their relationship.

However, now Ray has decided the time is right to move on, but when he picks the same dating agency that Lolita runs to do so, it seems that there may be unfinished business between them as Lolita gets very emotional about the prospect of Ray finding someone new.

Finally Steve, who has a facial disfigurement from a condition called Crouzon Syndrome, is worried that his looks will put off any would-be girlfriends.

Since turning 30, Steve has decided that this is the time in his life where he should be settled with a family of his own.  He is overjoyed when he gets a date, but his feelings and confidence take a huge bashing when the date cancels on him at the last minute.

Finally he gets another date with Ellie, who shares his love of music.  Will it be a success?  Watch tonight to find out!

If you missed last week’s episode of The Undateables, watch it below:

The Undateables can be seen tonight at 9pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD