Scandal: Season 3 order cut short due to Kerry Washington pregnancy?

Kerry Washington

Today came some very odd news that the current third season of Scandal has had its order reduced.

Originally, the third season of the hit ABC show was ordered for a total of 22 episodes. However, it has since been confirmed that only 18 episodes will now air.

Unfortunately, there has been no official explanation from the network as to why this decision has come to fruition, but we suspect it has something to do with Kerry Washington’s baby news.

The announcement that the order has been cut by 4 episodes comes off the back of the news that lead star Kerry Washington is pregnant. It sounds to me like ABC and the studio doesn’t feel it is right to include Kerry’s real-life pregnancy into the storyline. Therefore, the only feasible way to get around that is to cut the season short.

Although the Emmy-nominated actress hasn’t actually confirmed her pregnancy, it’s only a matter of time before nature takes its course and we all see a bump which will confirm the rumour.


According to one source, Washington is due to give birth in the spring, which, if correct, this will have an effect on the production of the latter episodes of Scandal – subsequently explaining why the order has been cut down.

The show is set to air its mid-season finale on December 12 before taking a small hiatus and returning on February 27.

This won’t be the first time that a show’s season has been cut short as the sixth season of True Blood was altered to accommodate the pregnancy of Anna Paquin.

Only time will tell, I guess, and we’ll keep you updated as and when ABC speaks out about the matter!

Until then, make sure you tune into the mid-season finale of Scandal on December 12!

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