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Doctor Who spoilers: Lesbian Lizard kiss edited out!

doctor who madame vastra jenny kiss

As we have previously reported, the kissing scene between lizard Madame Vastra and her human wife Jenny in the opening episode of the eighth series of Doctor Who last week caused a bit of a stir.

A handful of people in the UK complained to Ofcom over the scene but the watchdog regulators did not think any of the six complaints serious enough to investigate, stating at the time:
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Danny Pink’s secrets, Doctor Who’s chalk scribblings & is Capaldi William Hartnell reincarnated?

doctor who into dalek 3

So, Saturday night saw the second instalment of the eighth series of Doctor Who, which included some new faces, and a few secrets too.

Into the Dalek saw Clara Oswald (Jenna Louise Coleman) meeting her new love interest, fellow student Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson), but even from the first meeting with Danny it appears to us that he is hiding something.
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Doctor Who ep 3 spoilers & Michael Smiley talks “brilliant” Peter Capaldi!

doctor who into dalek 6

Fans tuning in to the second episode of the new series of Doctor Who on Saturday night would have seen Luther star Michael Smiley appearing in a guest role capacity.

One of the great things about the hugely popular BBC family sci-fi series is just how many fantastic actors and actresses are lining up to make guest appearances, and series 8 is no exception.
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Doctor Who Into The Dalek inspired by “raging” Billy Connolly

peter capaldi jenna coleman doctor who

As hard as it must be to become the new Doctor Who for each of the twelve actors who have taken on the role, imagine how hard it must be to write for each of them, before they have even entered the TARDIS.

This is precisely the situation that show writer, Phil Ford, found himself in when approached to write the second episode of the new series, Into the Dalek, due to be shown on BBC screens tonight.
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Doctor Who: Super fan does THIS to original Dalek! PICS

doctor who daleks 2

A Doctor Who enthusiast from Hampshire has restored a Dalek from the show’s first ever series and it’s looking great.

The Dalek in question, ancestors of which will be introduced to the new, 12th Time lord Peter Capaldi tonight in the second episode of series 8 Into the Dalek, has had a journey almost as colourful as that of The Doctor on the path to restoration.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: BBC receives complaints over hair pulling & meet Danny Pink in new clip (VIDEO)

doctor who into dalek 1

Oh dear, it would seem that you all just can’t stop complaining about the series eight opener of Doctor Who!

As we have previously reported, a handful of viewers tuning in to watch the Steven Moffat penned feature length episode, Deep Breath, pressed their Ofcom speed dial buttons to voice their displeasure over the underwater scene where female lizard Madam Vastra kissed her human wife, Jenny.
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Doctor Who: Ofcom receives complains over lesbian lizard kiss!

doctor who madame vastra jenny kiss

While Saturday night’s opening episode of Doctor Who attracted the least amount of viewers to watch a new Time Lord make his debut in the history of the show, it would seem that some of you who did manage to watch, found cause for concern.

One scene in particular during the feature length Steven Moffat penned episode, Deep Breath, offended some of the 6.8million viewers tuning in to see 12 Time Lord Peter Capaldi formally introduced in to the shows history books. Well it offended six of them.

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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi to appear in Minecraft & two new Into the Dalek clips! VIDEOS

doctor who minecraft

The BBC has announced that The Doctor will be making an appearance in the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft!

According to Den of Geek, six incarnations of Doctor Who, their companions and a selection of their most infamous villains will be available in packs that are priced at around £1.99.
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Doctor Who: Sylvester McCoy LOVES Peter Capaldi & his Scottish accent!

Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who

On Saturday night everyone finally got to see Peter Capaldi in his Doctor Who debut, but what did we all make of his performance?

There was a huge anticipation surrounding Capaldi’s casting as the iconic space and time traveller, with the general consensus being that he was perfect for the part.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: DALEKS! New pictures for episode 2, Into the Dalek!

doctor who into dalek 1

We are sure that the BBC are hoping that more of you will be tuning in to watch the second episode of the eighth series of Doctor Who this weekend after the disappointing viewing figures from last week’s opening episode, Deep Breath, and to get us in the mood they have released some exciting new pictures.

The second instalment of the new series, Peter Capaldi’s full show debut as the 12th incarnation of the iconic Time Lord Doctor Who, is entitled Into the Dalek, and as the title suggests, and the pictures prove, it is going to be a big showdown between The Doctor and his oldest and most infamous nemesis.
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi says show doesn’t have enough time, or money!

doctor who deep breath 1

When it was announced that The Thick Of It Star, Peter Capaldi, had been chosen to replace Matt Smith as the new Doctor, it seemed like the perfect choice for several reasons.

The main one was that Capaldi was a self-confessed fanatic of the show, so much so that he even campaigned to be the president of the Doctor Who fan club as a young boy. But according to the actor himself, he is still no expert on the show!
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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi admits filming show is hard as stats show lowest debut viewing figures for Deep Breath! (VIDEO)

doctor who deep breath 1

Oh dear, it would seem that not as many of you as we were expecting tuned in to watch Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut on Saturday night, as viewing figures have shown the biggest drop in debut ratings since the shows rebirth.

When the hit BBC family sci-fi series was first brought back to life by Christopher Eccleston after the almost a decade beak in 2005, 9.9million of you all tuned in to watch.
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What to watch tonight: Doctor Who, Sin City, Inbetweeners & lots more…

doctor who new pics 2

Yay it’s Saturday, but if you’re not sure what to watch tonight, fret not for we have your viewing covered across the board, and from Doctor Who to Sin City, there’s something for everyone on our list!

And whether you’re staying in to watch telly or heading out, and so want to record something good to watch as you eat your post-clubbing kebab – or want to hire a great DVD this weekend - we have the answers so head on inside for all the details…

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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: Will Clara’s exit be death? & Frank Cottrell Boyce on writing for show!

doctor who christmas 2013 clara

When it was announced that Doctor Who actress, Jenna Coleman had quit her role as Clara Oswald last weekend, the first thought on everyone’s mind was ‘who should replace her?’

Then, as we reported earlier today, new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, threw a spanner in the works by announcing during last night’s The One Show that he wasn’t looking for a new assistant, posing the question whether she’s really leaving at all?
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi says Jenna Coleman might not make Christmas!

doctor who new pics 2

We can’t begin to tell you just how confusing this news is to us, but new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi has come out to say that he isn’t looking for a new assistant, despite the actress playing his current one reportedly quitting last weekend.

It came as a huge shock when Jenna Louise Coleman announced her decision to leave her role as Clara Oswald in the hit BBC sci-fi series last weekend, which quickly sparked rumours galore over just who would be brought in to replace her.
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