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Doctor Who Spoilers: Peter Capaldi reveals inspiration, longer scenes & his ‘attack’

doctor who series 8 3

Ever since Peter Capaldi was announced as Matt Smith’s replacement as Doctor Who back in September last year people have been musing over what sort of Time Lord he would be.

Over the years each Doctor has brought their own, unique style to the show, from cars to bow ties, and so naturally there is an interest in what style the 12th incarnation of the world’s most famous space and time traveller will have.
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Guess where Doctor Who is off to now? Bring on the music!

doctor who mucical

The man behind the epic and brilliant Doctor Who musical score, composer Murray Gold, is going on tour with the hugely popular and talented live music concert Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular to bring it’s sell out tour to six major cities in the UK next year!

The live show, which will make its UK debut in May 2015, will run for 12 performances divided between the cities of London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow.
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Doctor Who: Peter Capladi promises no flirting with Clara & see all new trailer! VIDEO

doctor who peter capaldi jenna coleman

We are now less than a month away from the debut of the eighth series of Doctor Who, and today, Peter Capaldi, who plays the role of the 12th Time Lord has been giving us some clues about what we can expect!

One of the things that has been specified in the lead up to this new era of the much-loved BBC family sci-fi entertainment show is how the flirtatious relationship between The Doctor and his companion – whose played by Jenna Louise Coleman – will change quite dramatically.
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Doctor Who Series 8: Steven Moffat reveals spoilers for EVERY episode & will ‘more serious’ Doctor alienate kids?

doctor who 2

As we have previously reported, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed that when we get our formal introduction to the 12th Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, next month when series eight of Doctor Who hits our screens, he will be a much different Doctor than we’re used to seeing, but is that entirely a good thing?

Because, whilst Doctor Who fans literally span decades in terms of age, the show is still grouped in the family drama category, with most of the adult fans out there having been fans of the show since they themselves were kids.
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Sherlock & GoT for Comic Con 2014 & Dead Ringers to feature Benedict Cumberbatch, and Peter Capaldi in new series!

benedict cumberbatch

The San Diego Comic Con is always something to look forward to, but this year we have two very good reasons why we are excited beyond belief – Benedict Cumberbatch and George RR Martin!

That’s right, the Sherlock star and the creator of The Game of Thrones will both be in attendance, as San Diego hosts the multigenre entertainment and comic convention for the greats of the last year.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Steven Moffat says Peter Jackson episode will “probably” happen!


As we have previously reported, The Hobbit and King Kong director, Peter Jackson, has stated that he would like to turn his hand to the smaller screen and direct an episode of Doctor Who, and according to show-runner Steven Moffat, this may very well happen!

Jackson, whose other directing credits include The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Hot Fuzz, is no stranger to Doctor Who, having already confessed that he is a fan of the show and even having had a sneaky little guest appearance in last year’s 50th anniversary celebrations in which he played himself in spoof The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.
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Doctor Who Series 8 Spoilers: Steven Moffat teases “serious” consequences, and The Doctor’s crush on Clara!

doctor who series 8 new

We are precisely one month away from the eighth series of Doctor Who crash landing on to our BBC screens, and the big boss of the show, Steven Moffat, has been giving us a few hints at what we might have to look forward to!

And boy does it sound like we are in for a treat!
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Doctor Who Spoilers: David Tennant excited by “enthusiastic” Peter Capaldi & talks leaks!


One of the best parts of taking on a job like Doctor Who is that there is usually a string of people who have been exactly where you are, all eager to advise and support you along your Tardis driven way.

Peter Capaldi is being inundated with support and words of wisdom it would seem and we can reveal that his predecessor David Tennant has been in touch with the 12th Time Lord ahead of the premiere of the eighth series of Doctor Who next month.
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Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor was most viewed BBC drama in 2013!

the day of the doctor 2

With awards lining up to celebrate the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor, it is no wonder that the BBC has announced that it was its most viewed drama in 2013.

According to reports released today (July 21st) the much-anticipated feature-length episode which starred the current Doctor, his predecessor, a never before seen version of the Time Lord, two companions and the eyes of the new Doctor Who, drew in an average of 12.8million viewers when it aired in November 23rd on BBC One.

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Doctor Who: BBC thanks fans & apologise to Steven Moffat over leaked scripts!

Doctor Who Series 8 Iconic

Following the recent news that the scripts from the first five episodes of the new series of Doctor Who had been leaked online, the BBC have thanked discreet fans for keeping their secrets!

As we have previously reported, the scripts were leaked TWICE en route the BBC Worldwide’s Latin American headquarters in Miami for translation.
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Doctor Who spoilers: Peter Capaldi, mobbed by fans while filming in Cardiff!

doctor who series 8 3

New Doctor Who on the block, Peter Capaldi, has been mobbed by fans while filming in Cardiff!

As cameras were being set up to film more of the eighth series of the hugely popular family sci-fi series, shoppers flocked to get a look at the Welsh city’s shopping area.

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John Barrowman talks Torchwood return, Strictly Come Dancing role & famous surrogates for his baby!


Former Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood star, John Barrowman, has revealed that he would love for the BBC to bring back his character to primetime television, but fears that this may never happen.

Barrowman, who played Captain Jack Harkness in both successful shows on and off for 6 years from 2005 through till 2011, has revealed in an interview with The Daily Mirror newspaper how he feels that new production crew over at Doctor Who have no room for him in their grand plan.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: See new, FULL series 8 trailer HERE!

doctor who series 8 3

Well, if you happen to be both a fan of football and of Doctor Who, last night’s World Cup Final between German and Argentina would have been a double treat for you, assuming you watched it on BBC One anyway.

During the interval of the historic match, which saw Germany as a united country win the iconic trophy for the first time ever after beating the Argentinians 1-0 in extra time, the BBC aired the first full trailer for the new series of Doctor Who.
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Doctor Who Spoilers: Deep Breath leaked on to internet again & Will there be a Sherlock crossover?

sherlock doctor who steven moffat benedict cumberbatch matt smith

There have been an abundance of rumours circulating regarding Doctor Who this weekend, many of which seem to contradict each other, so what is the truth?

First of all, as we previously reported, the scripts of Doctor Who series 8, episodes 1 through to 5, had been leaked on to the internet en route to BBC Worldwide’s Latin American headquarters for translation.
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Doctor Who: BBC release new image of “fierce” Doctor & Kumars star Sanjeev Bhaskar for guest role in finale!

doctor who series 8 new

With the debut of the new series of Doctor Who now just weeks away, the good people over at the BBC have released a first look picture of new Doctor on the block Peter Capaldi and his companion Jenna Louise Coleman from the first episode, Deep Breath!

Capaldi, who was announced as 11th Time Lord Matt Smith’s replacement back in September last year, is getting ready to make his full show debut when series eight hits our screens on August 23rd, and according to Jenna – who plays Clara Oswald – we are in for a real surprise.
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