Scott and Bailey: The team investigate a murder at a Care Home while Janet is embarrassed by an e-mail

by Matt D


I think it’s fair to say that the last two episodes of Scott and Bailey have been fairly intense, thanks mainly to the inclusion of a story about seven bodies buried under the cellar in a family home. After a case a shocking as that you would think that our titular heroines may take a week off from controversial crimes but this isn’t the case. Instead they’re not resting on their laurels as they investigate the suspicious death of a man who was a resident at the Willow Vale Care Home.

The case is first brought to them by Catherine French, whose father Gerald had passed away at the home a couple of weeks previous. Catherine believed that the home killed him as he was fit and well when he went in while she also felt that he was being preyed on by one of the other residents – Ruby Spears. Gerald French isn’t the only Willow Vale resident who has died recently as a further four have passed away in the past five weeks. When the team make it to the home they discover senior carer Craig who comes across as fairly personable but who Rachel doesn’t trust as he seems too good to be true. They also meet young nervous carer Rosie who is in love with Craig but is being bullied by some of the residents including Ruby. As Gill gets the results back from Gerald’s autopsy she discovers that he was covered in bruises and has injection marks on his arms, so she realises they are now investigating a murder. The team quickly theorise that somebody could’ve easily have injected potassium chloride into Gerald, and possibly some of the other decease residents, to kill him without anybody being any the wiser. When questioned, Craig tries to appear as helpful as possible however Janet and Gill both see through his slimy exterior. They can also pinpoint the exact moment in which he tries to insinuate that it was Rosie who had harmed Gerald. Though the majority of the team don’t believe that Rosie could harm a fly, they soon change their minds after Pete is given a memory stick via an anonymous source.

The memory stick contains a video of Rosie slapping down one of the home’s elderly residents when she starts acting up. When Rachel and Janet arrive to arrest Rosie she asks the former to retrieve her handbag from her locker. However, upon opening the locker, Rachel discovers a syringe of potassium chloride in Rosie’s locker and the pair are forced to rearrest her for murder. Meanwhile the computer team have found a deleted letter on the memory stick belonging to Craig and are able to deduce that he was the one who shot the footage. In her interview, Rosie opens up about how she views Craig as her boyfriend as the pair would often take off into the woods in his car and have sex. She also revealed that it was Craig who told her to slap down the patients who suffered from dementia if they ever got in a state. At the same time, Craig denies all knowledge of the incident until the police reveal that they have evidence of him setting up the hidden camera. He then tells them that he suspected Rosie was abusing the residents but needed to get photographic evidence before he could do anything about it. As the interviews go on, the police are more inclined to believe the innocent Rosie than the manipulative Craig but are they pointing the finger in the wrong direction?

Elsewhere, Rachel is still staying on Janet’s sofa however her mother Dorothy is less than pleased with this situation especially as Janet’s daughter Taisie is starting to idolise Rachel. When Janet confronts her friend, Rachel claims that she still isn’t ready to go back to Sean. However Janet believes Rachel is being a coward and trying to get Sean to divorce her rather than the other way around. By the end of the episode it seems like Rachel may have tested Janet’s patience one too many times, after she brings home one of her colleagues to have some adult time with. Janet also has to contend with having a new younger boss in the form of Rob. When Gill is busy with the coroner, Rob has to lead a meeting but is undermined by Janet when she touches his bum. Janet is later embarrassed when Rob receives an e-mail from her computer saying that she wanted to touch his peachy cheeks. Gill realises the e-mail isn’t from Janet and initially fingers Kevin as the culprit. However, Rachel eventually confesses to sending the e-mail and is sent on a tolerance course by Gill. Finally this week, Pete tells Janet that he finally told his wife about his car park liaison with Rachel’s mum Sharon. But this revelation didn’t go down too well and Pete’s wife threw him out of the house.

I do really feel like I’m repeating myself every week when reviewing Scott and Bailey, as I still love the show but find the conclusions to the investigation stories lack a bit of punch. While the care home mystery could hope to live up to the Bevan house story in terms of drama, I found it to be a lot more believable. The twists and turns of the story all felt incredibly realistic while Sally Wainwright created a number of credible characters namely the mousy Rosie. As always the interview scenes are the best thing about Scott and Bailey and I love how the pressure is put on Craig in the final few scenes of the programme. This episode also set up some stories for the last two episodes namely Rachel’s drunken fling with a co-worker and Janet’s odd relationship with the much younger Rob. The one odd thing about this episode was that there was very little mention of the mole who was feeding information to the press, apart from Ian telling Janet that it wasn’t him. I’m hoping that the mole storyline is a bigger factor in the last two episodes and perhaps contributes to the shocking opening scene that we saw way back in episode one.

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