Scott Maslen Defends Eastenders Baby Swapping Storyline Claiming “People Have Done This Horrible Thing”

EastEnders’ Jack Branning is a man on the edge as the full extent of Ronnie’s actions hit home but actor Scott Maslen couldn’t be happier with the most challenging storyline of his career.

Speaking about the controversial storyline, which prompted thousands of viewers to write in and complain to the BBC, Scott told The Sun’s Buzz magazine:

“Of course I was shocked when I read the script…and so was my wife. We have a kid [ten-year-old Zak]. But there are people who have actually done this horrible thing of swapping a baby. EastEnders had done its research. I know the argument was that the cot-death was enough on its own. But this show always likes to take a stance in telling stories that other people wouldn’t necessarily take the risk on. And when you look at the viewing figures when the baby swap was revealed [10.1million, where seven or eight million is the norm], the gap between us and our rival soaps was immense.”

Scott insists his relationship with his screen wife has never been anything more than a platonic relationship, adding:

“It’s funny because all my mates go: ‘Phwoar, Sam Womack and I’m like: ‘Really?’ It would be like me looking at my sister like that. When we do sex scenes, we just take the mick out of each other. I tell her that her breath smells. Sam and I are so similar. We’re like a boy and girl version of each other – but of course I’m a lot more intelligent and sexier than she is!”

Back in Scott’s modelling days he was a hit with the fashion brands and almost got the chance to appear in George Michael’s iconic Freedom! video after the star had approached him, clearly liking what he saw. He explained:

“I met George out one night at Steve Strange’s nightclub in London in 1990…He came up to me and said: ‘Look, I’m doing this video. Do you want to be in it? I told my agent that George Michael was going to be calling them up for me to do this video with Naomi and Claudia but he never phoned, so I flew to Milan for an Armani shoot instead.”

But Scott’s not jumping for joy since being nominated once again for the title of Sexiest Male at this week’s British Soap Awards.

“My money’s on me hopefully not winning the award this year,” he laughed. “It is a little bit embarrassing and has become a bit of a running joke. I appreciate that it’s a public vote, so thank you very much for your consideration – but I think it’s time to pass it on.”