Sean Bean HAS filmed Ned Stark’s Game Of Thrones return! Spoilers



Sean Bean has reportedly already filmed a scene that could be used for his return to the Game Of Thrones series.

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The hit HBO fantasy drama returned to screens earlier this month for it’s well received fourth season and while Sean’s character Eddard Stark was killed off at the end of the first series, it’s been reported that the British actor could make a comeback….of sorts.

Fans of the show, who are up to date as far as season three at least, will be aware of the fact that Bran Stark can look into the past and the future using his unique greenseeng power. He has already had visions of his late mother, Catelyn Stark and in the second episode of this season he caught a glimpse of his dad, Eddard Stark.

This might not be the last we see of Ned it seems.

Of course you’ll know that the TV series is based on the “A Song of Ice an Fire” novels and in “A Dance With Dragons,” Bran experiences a flashback, where he sees his father (though many years younger) talking to a Weirwood Tree.

Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones

Fans who have read the books have been wondering if this scenario will feature later in season four and if so, will Bean be back to film the new scenes.

It turns out that he might not need to go to all that effort, because Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Bran, has revealed that producers already have that footage in the can.

“That was a scene from the pilot we shot, actually, and it never got used,” Hempstead-Wright told Zap2it this week. “It was really cool.”

Bran Game Of Thrones

When asked if bosses could have shot the scene, knowing they would need it in the future, Issac laughed:

“Maybe they will!” Hempstead-Wright agrees. “Maybe we didn’t use it for a reason and it was shot for some strange references 10 seasons later.”

How amazing would it be to have Ned back and talking on Game Of Thrones? Do you think David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will use the footage this year, or hold it until later in the run?

Watch Sean Bean’s final Game Of Thrones scenes and leave your comments below….

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