Sean Saves the World spoilers: Two NEW trailers released, Sean’s mum is around and he set’s the record straight


The good people over at NBC have released two brand new teasers for the network’s forthcoming new comedy, Sean Saves the World.

Sean Saves the World focusses on Sean who is a divorced gay father. His 14-year-old daughter, Ellie, comes to stop when her mother has to take a job out of town. She decides to stay with her father because she wants to continue at the same school and keep her friends.

He explains: “Its just my daughter Ellie, her mom and I divorced right after she was born. Long story, she wasn’t a gay man!”

Sean struggles to adjust to becoming a full-time father as he has to juggle a hectic work schedule, in which he has a weird new boss, his love life has taken a nose dive off a cliff and to add to it all, he has to deal with his pushy mother.


Determined not to give up, Sean reads up on parenting and how to run his family alongside his successful career. But, nothing goes to plan – as we should expect – as Sean’s career pressures dampen and his family plans go the same way as his love life – down the pan!

In the first of two promo videos, Sean’s mother, Lorna, unexpectedly turns up out of the blue, storming her way into the house.

It immediately hits you like a brick wall that his mother is going to be a handful and hard work to deal with – she slightly reminds me of nana from The New Normal.

She asks how her baby is, in which Sean starts grovelling that he loved being a fun, part-time weekend dad, and now he’s a full-time dad. Lorna stops him right in his tracks, telling him she means his daughter, Ellie.

Ellie is currently living with her father because her mother had to take up a job elsewhere. Ellie decided to stay in the same place due to school commitments and her friends. However, Lorna seems to think she’s been “abandoned”.


Lorna claims Ellie has nobody to turn to since being dumped with Sean as he has a terrible boss to deal with and a love-life which has seemingly gone down the pan.

In the second promo video, titled “Setting the Record Straight”, Ellie enquires that if her father is indeed gay, how did he have sex with her mother.

A befuddled Sean breaks all the saucers upon hearing Ellie’s question, to which he tries to explain to her that he always knew he was gay but tried not to be and that’s when Ellie sort of… happened!


Sean Saves the World looks like it could be a genuinely funny sitcom, which I keep calling a stagnant genre. The genre of comedy can be a tad on the stale side in the US at times, with a few gems, and it seems given the right treatment, Sean Saves the World could be one of those gems.

Sean Saves the World premieres later this year on NBC.