Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Billie Piper says Belle is ‘borderline insane!’

by Lisa McGarry

Belle’s back – but not for long. With the final series of Secret Diary of a Call girl underway, Billie piper is preparing to unlace her basque and kick off her heels for the last time…… and it won’t be an easy goodbye…

Speaking to The Sun’s Buzz magazine about the new series of the sexy show, Billie admitted that Belle is now ‘borderline insane!’ She said:

“We’ve taken costume and hair even further this year…Belle has got to that point where she is borderline insane, and we reveal that through her clothing and make-up. She’s starting to lose herself in the world of prostitution. The show is about to show that through what she wears. The costumes are insane this year.”

The acclaimed drama has been a career high for Billie and she confessed that she has loved most parts of taking part in the show.

“Arguably I’d play Belle forever if there was less sex and a three-day week,’ Billie laughed, adding:

“Oh and a body-double on standby the entire time, so I could feast on good food and not worry about turning into a beached whale!”

On meeting Bristol-based research scientist Dr Brooke Magnanti, the woman whose story provided the inspiration for Secret Diary, the former Doctor Who actress confessed:

“There was a sense of freedom, and I felt like I could ask Brooke things I’ve never asked anybody about sex…It was strange but also incredibly exciting and liberating.”

Billie has taken some flak as a result of criticism over the show but hit back saying she was offended by the suggestion that Belle was a victim. That’s not how Billie sees her – “Belle found it exciting and thrilling – it was very different to what other prostitutes are exposed to….But I wonder how it must be for her to now walk into a room and know that everyone’s aware you’re a whore.”

So what does the world hold for Billie post-Belle? – “I will endeavour to be a good mother and a good wife and see my friends. I’ll have time to catch up with them now!”