Secret Eaters with Anna Richardson coming to Channel 4

We’ve become a nation of mindless eaters, compulsively snacking and then regretting it. Just the smell of freshly baked bread or the sight of a cream cake can send us into a feeding frenzy that ends only when the plate is empty.

Secret Eaters is a brand new series that will unlock our true relationship with food by debunking food myths, uncovering hidden calories and revealing how the small but guilty pleasures we all indulge in, can make a huge difference to our waistlines.

Presented by Anna Richardson, the series will scrutinise the eating habits of six overweight families who can’t understand why they are piling on the pounds. These families think they’re eating healthily, and can’t figure out where they’re going wrong, so to understand exactly what they’re dietary downfalls might be, they’ve signed up to being monitored around the clock

Not only will we be placing cameras in their home but, so that we don’t miss a single crumb that’s consumed, and to ensure we build a unique and painstakingly precise picture of the family’s eating habits, we’ve also enlisted the help of two, top private investigators, who’ll secretly follow the family members outside their home.

Using state-of-the-art techniques, the P.I.s will allow us – and viewers – to peer into shopping trolleys, fridges and cupboards, in our quest to uncover where they might be going wrong and help them shed the pounds. If it’s a chocolate muffin eaten in the car or a large glass of wine consumed whilst cooking the dinner, we’ll be watching every moment of their secret eating.

Each week, our families’ diets will be analysed by two experts – Food Science lecturer Richard Marshall, and Dietician Lynne Garton. They will forensically analyse the ingredients, labelling and packaging to disclose the truth behind food. Just how much fruit is in a daily glass of OJ? Is a slimming soup really the better alternative? And is a low calorie option always the healthier choice?

By showing one family the difference between what they think they eat and what they actually eat, we’ll help them admit their secret eating ways.

Once the families are aware of the true scale of their overeating, they will embark on a 10 week ‘Food Rehab’ regime to help them shift the pounds.

The series will also investigate how the food industry manipulates the consumer and reveals the truth behind what we’re told and what we’re sold.