Secret Millionaire with Bobby Dudani on Channel 4 tonight

In 2011, Britain was struck by rioting and looting that left the nation in shock. Some of the shops targeted were part of global chain ‘Computer Exchange’ owned by millionaire Bobby Dudani. The damage cost him hundreds of thousands of pounds. Now Bobby is heading to Croydon – one of the areas most affected by the riots – to look for people to help.

Forty-three-year-old Bobby Dudani is no ordinary millionaire. Although he’s the son of a millionaire businessman, Bobby was ejected from the family home after dropping out of university. He and his hippy friends decided to open a shop and within a year they had a turnover of a million pounds. Now Bobby has over 200 CEX video and electronics exchange shops worldwide, with a turnover of £200 million. Bobby leaves behind his party lifestyle to stay on the vast New Addington estate, where there’s little for young people to do. He poses as a shopkeeper who has lost his only shop in the riots and is making a documentary about what’s being done to stop them happening again. Bobby visits the Pandemic Steel Orchestra, a charity that is on the brink of closing as fewer families can afford the small cost of joining.

He forges friendships at the New Addington Boxing Club, a place that is helping young people channel their aggression. And he gets to know the project leader at the Croydon Auto and Bikes Project, who refuses to write any child off and believes everyone deserves a second chance. But one encounter that comes to define Bobby’s stay in Croydon. After a foul-mouthed run-in with a local lad, Bobby begins to build an unlikely relationship with this serial offender, who has convictions for everything from GBH to armed robbery. As the days progress Bobby is increasingly drawn to this angry and frustrated young man. But should he help him?

Tonight, Channel 4, 9PM.