Secrets from the Workhouse Episode Two: Felicity Kendal, Barbara Taylor-Bradford and Brian Cox learn more about the hardships faced by their ancestors


In tonight’s concluding instalment of Secrets from the Workhouse – Barbara Taylor-Bradford, Felicity Kendal and Brian Cox all discover the hardships their ancestors faced and how some were able to break away from the workhouse in order to live happier lives.

Felicity learns that her grandfather Albert was born and raised in the workhouse, after he was revealed to be the product of an affair. She later discovers that he was taken into care when the authorities judged that his mother was of low moral-standing. Thankfully she finds out that there were happier times for Albert after he joined the army and emigrated to Australia.


Barbara Taylor-Bradford returns to learn about her family’s return to the workhouse and their time being cared for by Dr Barnados. She also learns what happened to her uncles and aunts following the death of their mother and the imprisonment of their father.

Finally, Brian Cox discovers why his great-grandfather Patrick was sent to a mental asylum. He also learns what happened to Patrick’s son Samuel and why Patrick had to have him put into care.

Secrets from the Workhouse concludes tonight on ITV at 9pm

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