Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons – Channel 4


Stonehenge is the greatest and most famous prehistoric monument in Britain and has, for hundreds of years, provided what is possibly the greatest prehistoric mystery. One man says he has found the clues that are of vital importance to solving this puzzle.

This programme follows him through a journey of new discoveries that will change the history of Stonehenge as we know it. Buried deep beneath the famous Stonehenge stones are ancient skeletons, and Professor Mike Parker Pearson leads a research team that has been granted special permission to analyse them for the first time ever.

Mike Parker Pearson 3_HLL

The results of his investigation will overturn the accepted beliefs on when and why Stonehenge was built, and provides astounding evidence that it at one point united the people of Britain. This show proves that the place we know today was not the original Stonehenge and answers the mystery of its sudden decline.

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Tonight, 8pm, Channel 4. Leave your comments below.

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