Selma Blair FIRED from Anger Management after things get ugly on set with Charlie Sheen


Selma Blair has been axed from FX comedy, Anger Management, following a bust-up with main star Charlie Sheen.

It was reported yesterday that things had “gotten ugly” on the set of Anger Management, and despite the title, it doesn’t seem there was much management in the anger that was in the air.

In a statement released by Lionsgate – the company that produce the show for FX – it was confirmed that Selma has been given the boot from the show and will “not be returning”.

Yesterday, online gossip outlet TMZ reported that there had been a bust-up between Sheen and Blair with a source confirming that “things had “gotten ugly” on set.

Apparently, Blair questioned Sheen’s work ethic and well, it sent him into a complete frenzy in which he called her a “c**t” and asked her to leave the show! I don’t know about on-screen therapy, it seems he needs some off-screen as well.


The source added that although Sheen doesn’t have the ability to hire and fire, he “certainly can make production impossible”.

In a statement released by Lionsgate today, they said: “We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to ‘Anger Management’. We wish her the very best”.

It has not been confirmed what caused the initial melt-down, but Blair’s departure will not affect the production of the current season which is roughly a third through its 90-episode commission.

Elsewhere, Sheen apparently wants Mila Kunis to appear for a 10-episode arc at $1 million per episode! We didn’t think she would be a popular choice seeing as she’s currently dating Ashton Kutcher – A.K.A the guy that took over Sheen’s role on Two and a Half Men following his rather public meltdown.


It is not yet known whether a new actress will be cast to fill the role of Dr. Kate Wales, or whether the character will be axed. However, it is likely a new series regular will be cast in some way, shape or form to fill the void of Blair.