Sex: How to Do Everything!

by Lisa McGarry

New to Fiver this week is a ten-part instructional series offering a fresh approach to sex advice. The first instalment lifts the lid on a technique designed to help women achieve orgasm. There is a report on a controversial surgical operation to locate the G-spot; and special studio guests reveal their sexual predilections and offer tips on improving bedroom performance.

Presented by American sex gurus Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey – authors of ‘The Big Bang: Nerve’s Guide to the New Sexual Universe’, ‘Sex Etiquette’ and the titular ‘Sex: How to Do Everything’, illustrated by Rankin, this new series aims to show the nation how to have better sex, shed inhibitions and broaden sexual horizons. Each programme explores a different theme, such as ‘seduction’, ‘orgasm’ and ‘fantasy sex’. In this first episode, Em and Lo teach viewers how to give and get bigger and better orgasms.

The first sex lesson showcases the different ways for women to achieve an orgasm. The coital-alignment technique (CAT) is recognised as one of the best ways of bringing a woman to climax through intercourse. Two models provide a step-by-step guide to the CAT process.

Each instalment of Sex: How to Do Everything features an investigation from the show’s team of reporters focusing on the latest sex-enhancing techniques and products. This edition includes a revealing report on a surgical procedure that claims to make it easier to find the elusive G-spot.

Also this week, Em and Lo are joined in the studio by special guests willing to make some tantalising revelations of their own. A top sportsman divulges whether having sex before a big game helps or hinders his performance in the sporting arena; a medical expert looks at the science behind the blissful thrill of an orgasm; and a world-famous sexual pioneer educates viewers about the most controversial climax of all – female ejaculation.

SEX : HOW TO DO EVERYTHING, is debuting on FIVER, on the 25th Jan 2009