Sex – My British Job: Hsaio-Hung Pai exposes the truth behind the British sex trade in this shocking film from Nick Broomfield


Investigative journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai reunites with director Nick Broomfield, to explore the fate of illegal sex workers in London.

In this chilling exposé, Hsaio poses as a housekeeper in London brothels and unveils the terrible reality of the British sex trade.


She embarks on a prolonged period of secret filming to expose why illegal workers turn to sex work in the first place. Hsaio also shows how they’re force into it as we witness the pressure an verbal abuse they experience from the brothel owners who lure them with high earnings while also making them feel guilty about not providing for their families back home.

This eye-opening film shows how easily Chinese and immigrant women can be drawn into sex work and highlights the shocking reality of what is happening behind closed doors up and down the country.

Sex – My British Job airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm

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