Shaun The Sheep returns to CBBC

by Lisa McGarry


Shaun The Sheep and his faithful flock are trotting back to CBBC for a new series of farmyard frolics.

Made by the Academy Award-winning Aardman Animations, using stop-motion animation, Shaun The Sheep made his international showbiz debut in the Wallace And Gromit’s feature film, A Close Shave.

Unlike most sheep, Shaun is not one to follow the flock. Curious, resourceful and fun-loving, his enthusiasm and inexperience is often a recipe for sheeptacular shenanigans. Together with Shirley the enormous ewe and Timmy the mischief-making lamb (now a TV star in his own right on CBeebies), Shaun and his flock are determined to go about their daily adventures while avoiding detection by the farmer. They also pull the wool over the eyes of long-suffering sheepdog Bitzer and try to keep out of the way of the cantankerous naughty pigs.

Made in high definition, the international Emmy-winning Shaun The Sheep’s new exploits begin this week when he dresses as the farmer and, now he has the power to boss Bitzer around, he decides to throw a party. All goes to plan until Shaun encounters the real farmer…

On Tuesday, the flock hijacks a road line-painting machine and causes chaos while creating giant works of art in the field.

In Wednesday’s escapade, a leak in the barn forces the flock to relocate to the pig sty for the night. However, the selfish pigs don’t want to share.

A reluctant Timmy tries to avoid bath time in Thursday’s show and in trying to escape he gets a spring attached to his tail. It’s up to the flock to catch the bouncing baby sheep and return him to the tub before he destroys the farm.

The farmer hits the dance floor on Friday and attempts to learn how to ballroom dance using Pidsley as his dancing partner. The din they create annoys the sheep so much that Shaun decides to stop them.

Monday 23 to Friday 27 November
4.20-4.25pm BBC ONE