Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch says he doesn’t get why people think he is sexy!


What’s sexier than a man who doesn’t even think he is sexy? And when that man is Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, brain cells might explode trying to work out why!!!!

Cumberbatch, who is currently filming for the third series of the hit BBC detective series along with his co-star Martin freeman, has been voted Britain’s hottest bloke in 2012 AND 2013 by Sun newspaper readers, but insists he can’t see what all the fuss is about!

Discussing the honour with the publication, the star, who is set to make his Star Trek debut later this month playing villainous John Harrison in the new Star Trek: Into Darkness film, explained:

“I’m still processing this strange misperception.

“I suppose I’ll have to find a way to deal with the strain. I enjoy being considered handsome, even though I think it’s hysterical.”

However, the actor does admit that the title can’t be a bad thing for his career:

“Work-wise, it builds a momentum, which means I’ve got the most fantastic opportunities — or at least, doors open to prove myself at the next level, and that attention has been a huge help. As long as it helps me find good roles, my response is, ‘Bring it on!’”


Cumberbatch has found himself in strong demand since his Sherlock debut back in 2010, but insists that he is determined not to let the fame go to his head:

“You need to treat it as a great adventure. It can get quite overwhelming if you start really believing in your own press, good or bad, and you could go a little bit insane.

“As long as you’ve got those around you who are travelling with you spiritually or physically, whether it’s your other half or your friends and family, you’ve just got that base that’s making sure you are checking in with who you are and that they know you’re all right.”

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

And it isn’t just the public who have gone mad for Baker Street, the actor went on to explain how even his own friend’s reaction to the shows success has been “interesting”:

“I read a piece in The New York Times where James McAvoy was quoted as saying, ‘Oh, Benedict doesn’t need to fear the media or his fans or his new profile. He just needs to fear actors who will be looking at him with envy and want to cut his legs off’.

“Maybe that’s the case, but most of my friends who are actors are just really, really thrilled with what I’ve got. It’s kind of humbling, actually. And it’s nice because I’m not as good-looking as James.”

“It’s a very strange thing. You feel recognised, you feel people looking at you, there’s that whole aspect of it.

“Sort of being on display when you’re not professionally being asked to is very odd. Although it is part of the job so you kind of have to find a way of doing it.”