Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch wants to “transform his body” to be like Daniel Craig!


After his rather dramatic physical transformation to help him prepare for his role in Star Trek: Into Darkness, Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed he would like to go one step further in his fitness regime, in order to be the next Daniel Craig.

Benedict, who has just begun filming for the new series of the hit BBC detective series Sherlock, plays the new Star Trek villain John Harrison in the new movie, in cinema’s now, as the story follows an ashamed Kirk (Chris Pine) as he takes his Enterprise crew on a manhunt after Harrison, described as a “one-man weapon of mass destruction”, puts his evil plan to destroy Earth into action.

But the award-winning actor has revealed that there was a bit more than learning lines when it came to preparing for the role, he had to up his calorie intake to 4000 a day to beef-up.

Speaking to Metro about his physical transformation, Cumberbatch explained:

“That was the hardest thing, in all honesty.  It meant an awful lot of eating in a very short space of time, and a lot of working out – but fortunately I had a fantastic trainer.”


The actor went on to explain how he literally lived on a diet of chicken, potatoes and broccolli whilst preparing for the role, commenting: “I’d never been asked to do that before – it was very integral to the character to have a strong physical shape and presence, and to be able to move at the same time, so I wasn’t just a stiff lump of muscle.”


Cumberbatch, who has also just been filming series 3 for Sherlock, revealed how in total he was consuming a whopping 4000 calories a day which, in his words,  “turned (him) into a creature from hell! No junk food, just all kinds of chicken, weeks of chicken with potatoes and broccoli, as well as salmon and protein shakes. Later came the hardest part – losing the weight.”

But now that he can see how the hardwork has paid off, Cumberbatch as admitted that he has got th fitness bug and wants to transform his body even more so he can have a James Bondy physique and get to play an action hero like Daniel Craig.

Speaking to TV Magazine, the actor confessed:

“I’d love to transform my body into some ridiculous war machine.  I want to run around a desert shooting guns at aliens and looking as if I barely have to take a breath.

“I would love to do all that sh*t. I definitely want my Daniel Craig moment!

“Star Trek is, to all intents and purposes, an action movie as much as it is a sci-fi drama, so that involved a hell of a lot of training and long hours,” he said. “I had to put weight on, so I’d eat 4,000 calories a day. I went up four suit sizes at one point – it was hard work but a lot of fun.”

Watch Cumberbatch in Star Trek action below:


  1. Charmaine fisher on June 21, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Would definitely love to date benedict cumberbatch if was like Daniel Craig but I love him just the way he is now. Benedict Cumberbatch if your reading this please would you go out with me

  2. jennifer on July 10, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    i agree with charmaine. if you’re all for it, have fun blowing up the world in an action film, but benedict, love, you needn’t change a thing, you skinny, wonderful man!

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