Sherlock: Brand new series 3 trailer unveiled #SherlockLives

by Nick Barnes

Sherlock Series 3

The return of Sherlock is edging ever closer, and a brand new promo video has been unveiled.

At the moment, a UK premiere date has not yet been given for the show, but if the first TV trailer is anything to go by, then it’s going to be pretty soon. I’m still pretty miffed about the fact that the US already have their premiere date… but anywho, onto the trailer!

The trailer opens with the camera pointing at a headstone with Sherlock’s name on it, as of course, he faked his own death during the series 2 finale. If you look closely at the reflection on the gravestone in the split second that it is on screen, it looks like Sherlock visits his own grave.

However, his family don’t know that he faked his death and that he is still alive, so to them, he’s six feet under.

The trailer cleverly plays on the use of Twitter and how influential the social networking website can be when events like this happen. For a moment during season 2, we all thought that Sherlock has killed himself until it was reveled he was still in tact and the Twittersphere went crazy.

Sherlock Series 3

At the end of the trailer, the screen is slowly filled with hashtags including #SherlockLives, #SherlockIsBack and #SherlockIsNotDead.

However, one question I do have is: Has John Watson been taking part in Movember? Martin Freeman returns as Watson in the upcoming series and he’s rocking a serious tache! In one of the scenes, he’s looking quite taken aback whilst in another snap, we see Sherlock stood on the top of a roof.

The new series will go into detail of how Sherlock managed to survive the fall and where he has been. We will also get to see Watson and Mary Morstan tie the knot. Steven Moffat, writer of the drama has said that “it’s time to reveal the truth”.

Unfortunately, a date has not yet been given as to when Sherlock will return on the BBC but a BFI screening date has been set for December 15, so by one’s guess it won’t be too much longer after that… there’s a possibility we could see the drama return just before Christmas. Since we’ve been waiting the best part of 18 months for Sherlock to return, I’m sure we can hang on in there.