Why Sherlock and Doctor Who should never meet…but if they did…..

by Anna Howell
sherlock doctor who steven moffat benedict cumberbatch matt smith

sherlock doctor who steven moffat benedict cumberbatch matt smith

Obviously there were always going to be comparisons made between the country’s two most popular shows, but when both those shows share the same creative minds writing and producing them, the question of whether the twain shall meet starts to come up too!

Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis are very, very clever men indeed and truly deserve the recognition and global admiration they have received for their parts on both Sherlock and Doctor Who, but does this mean they should consider a cross-over?

Both Sherlock and Doctor Who have a huge following, a cult following if you will, making them two of the most talked about shows on the planet.

So with that in mind the next question is should Sherlock and Doctor Who ever meet?

Steven Moffat himself has touched on this subject before, saying that it could never be ruled out, but that neither show would use a meeting between two of the greatest fictional minds of all time, as a gimmick.

And rightly so, after all one thing that stands relevant to both the similarities, and the chance of them meeting, is the fact that in essence both shows come from completely different genres!

Whilst Doctor Who is one of the more tame and mild versions of science fiction on TV at the moment, having been adapted and glamourized slightly for primetime family viewing, Sherlock remains cemented in the heart of British drama and mystery.

How would a meeting even work?


Obviously Doctor Who has the advantage there, and over the years has already used his time travels to take him back to the 1880’s in order to meet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the original Sherlock Holmes creator. In fact they’re practically old friends, with the second, fourth and tenth Doctor having all made his acquaintance!

However, a meeting with the modern day Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, would create an inadmissible link between the shows throughout space and time, which would introduce the world of fantasy to Sherlock which up until now has been based and built purely on detection, deduction and down-right cleverness.

Should Sherlock incorporate such a make-believe essence to its core it would run the risk of making the series unbelievable, and far too fantastical to allow any of the clever little twists and turns to shine as they do now.

sherlock bebendict sumberbatch fake death

How clever would a faked death created with a crash mat, a doppelganger corpse and a group of well-placed homeless actors seem if a flying Tardis were to land on the roof?

However, there is one way this could work, and not interfere with the future of either show – And that is if a sketch featuring both shows was to be made for something like Children In Need, or Comic Relief.

In fact we think this is a great idea – Get on it Steven Moffat!

What do you think? Should Sherlock and The Doctor meet? Or should both shows steer well clear of each other?

Have a look at a fan created video of how it all might work and leave your thoughts and comments below:

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  1. Desariella on February 10, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    No. Absolutely not.

    In the DOCTOR WHO universe, Sherlock Homes is a fictional charater.

    They only wnay it could work, is if the Doctor gets trapped in some strange world where fantasy is reality and while there happens to run into Sherlock Holmes. The Doctor, knowing Sherlock is not real realizes something is out of place.

    Using this, modern Sherlock could appear and the SHERLOCK series would not be impacted because the adventure was “not real”.

  2. Floydywoydy on February 11, 2014 at 1:26 am

    I think it should be done for entertainment purposes but only for a special one-off event that can be removed from both universes, i.e for children in need or something similar.

  3. Richard on February 11, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Or, each could have an episode of the other on the telly in the background of a scene – gets a reference out there without destroying the continuity of each show.

    The Whovian crossover I would like to see is on a busy planet market (populated only by humans), The Doctor taps the shoulder of a space-cowboy to ask him to let him past and said space-cowboy is played by Nathan Fillion. Literally two seconds on screen together, but would be utterly epic.

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