Sherlock final His Last Vow spoilers: Lars Mikkelsen talks accent & Steven Moffat reveals fake scenes!

sherlock lars mikkleson

sherlock lars mikkleson

Lars Mikkelsen has revealed that he had to adjust his accent while filming the final episode of Sherlock’s third series.

Fans have been in their element since the hit BBC drama returned to our screens for it’s third run earlier this month and while the second instalment was rather light hearted and received some criticism for being too comedy focussed, we can assure viewers that the finale, set to air on Sunday, will be a much more serious and gripping affair.

Lars takes on the role of evil blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen in the action packed programme and speaking at a screening of the episode last night at BAFTA HQ in London he revealed that bosses had to order him to speak in a Scandinavian accent, after he picked up a cockney dialect while filming a recent movie.

Steven Moffatt & Mark Gatiss have Sherlock series 4 & 5 all planned & His Last Vow spoilers!

The Killy star revealed that producer Sue Vertue told him to drop the London phrases and speak like the Dane he is.

He said: “So I picked up on the East End accent going ‘innit’ and stuff like that and Sue was sort of casting a Scandi and said ‘No you can’t talk like that’.

“So we had to Scandify a bit so we did a bit of Danish accent which disappeared more and more. We had to do that. Make it Scandi.”

The Sherlock finale, His Last Vow, airs this Sunday night on BBC one and we have a spoiler free review of the instalment here, along with some news on the plans for series four and five.

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Also speaking at last night’s event, show creator Steven Moffat revealed that he and his team were forced to film a number of fake scenes when shooting this third series, in order to keep fans off the scent of their plans and scripts.

Sherlock jumped off a building at the end of the second run and ever since (for two long years) fans have been speculating about his supposed death and how he was going to rise from the dead.

Moffat and the crew were eager to keep details of his comeback and the rest of the three episodes a secret until the show returned in the New Year and explained that one of their ploys was to stage fake scenes with the main actors.

He said:

“It was more secretive once we started to shoot out in public because we were surrounded by journalists and ranks of Sherlock fans, standing behind barriers.”

He added:

Benedict Sherlock

“All of them witnessed every single thing we did from giant air bags to Derren Brown. So they saw it all, but they didn’t say anything which was brilliant.”

However some things did make it online and just last week fan footage appeared which showed villain Moriarty (Andrew Scott) and Sherlock’s brother Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) leaving the hospital. Mycroft was last seen shooting himself in the series two finale, so viewers were confused when the video appeared and showed him wearing Sherlock’s coat and shaking hands with his sibling outside the medical centre.

Moffat revealed that the scene was a fake and was all planned out by Gatiss during their shoot.

“There was this whole pretend scene that Mark insisted on doing with Andrew, where they walked out and had an imaginary chat and Andrew was wearing Sherlock’s coat for no readily apparent reason,” he said.

“That got reported so yes, we were having fun but at some point we did actually have to make a TV show!”

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