Sherlock finale His Last Vow: Amanda Abbington & Lars Mikkelsen join Benedict Cumberbatch….spoilers!

by Lisa McGarry
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Actor Lars Mikkelsen has admitted that he set out to scare Sherlock fans with his appearance on tonight’s series finale of the hit BBC show.

The detective drama concludes it’s three part run tonight and the Danish actor is set to make his debut as criminal mastermind Augustus Magnussen.

The James Bond style baddie will go up against Sherlock Holmes in a battle of the brains and despite the obvious similarities between the men, their aims could not be further apart.

Lars expects his evil interpretation of the scripts to be a little frightening for viewers and told The Daily Star:

“It was very ­ apparent from the script what the ­character was like.

“What I tried to emphasise while playing him was that he is so ­supreme in his power that he doesn’t even have to raise his voice.

“He is also very meticulous in studying the ­after-effects of what he does.

“He’s very into studying people.”

sherlock lars mikkleson

Producers have warned that tonight’s instalment will be a far cry from last week’s comedic episode which featured as many heart warming and emotional moments, as it did any crime solving storylines.

Lars has admitted that he’s not worried about people getting scared by his portrayal and explained:

“I’m ready for that to happen. It’ll be fairly new to me but I don’t mind.”

Tonight’s episode will be titled His Last Vow and in it Charles is set to blackmail government worker Lady Smallwood, as she is assisted by Holmes in putting an end to the plot.

Bosses have high hopes for the final instalment in the third run, after the first attracted a massive 12.7million viewers for BBC One earlier this month. Executives are hoping this closing episode will top even that number.

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman his last vow

Mikkelsen admitted that he found parts of the writing quite amusing when he first read through his dialogue.

He explained:

“To be honest I was amused when I first saw the script. I ­actually laughed a lot when I read it.

“He doesn’t appear comical on screen but when I read him on paper and some of the things he does, I admit I laughed.”

One person who hasn’t found the experience quite so fun is Amanda Abbington, who plays John Watson’s new bride on the BBC show.

The Mr Selfridge star is of course Martin Freeman’s off screen love too and she’s revealed that some fans of the series have been sending her rather unkind messages online.

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbatch amanda abbington

She told The Times: “When I told everybody I was playing Mary, there was a small group who wanted me dead. I got, ‘She should die. How dare she play Mary Morstan? How dare she!'”

Apparently the fans thought she would be getting in between the two male stars of the series and putting an end to their closeness and chemistry.

“They take the John and Sherlock storyline so seriously that they wouldn’t want anyone coming between them,” Amanda added.

Sherlock is on BBC One at 8.30pm tonight. Leave your comments below…