Sherlock Holmes fans infuriated as Lucy Liu is cast as Watson in US remake

Fans of Sherlock Holmes have been infuriated that a US remake of the hit – and quintessentially British – drama will feature a woman in the role of Sherlock’s sidekick, Watson.

Lucy Liu – who found fame in US comedy drama Ally McBeal – has reported been cast in the role of “disgraced former surgeon” Joan Watson, while British actor Jonny Lee Miller has been cast in the role of Holmes.

Made by American network CBS, the new take on the drama is to be entitled, Elementary, and set in modern-day New York.

However, the Daily Star reports that British fans of the show have “swamped” internet forums and social networking sites to blast the “political correctness gone mad” move in casting Liu in the role and for giving Holmes “substance abuse problems”.

One fan wrote, “Watson’s a girl? Holmes in REHAB? I’m guessing ‘Mrs Hudson’ will be a gay man…

“Totally radical – like William Hague in a baseball cap.”

Another added: “Its political correctness gone mad!!”

And ‘IamSherlocked’ remarked, “The whole essence of the Sherlock Holmes stories is the Holmes and Watson friendship.

“With Watson being a woman, it will obviously be more than friendship. I’ll give it five episodes before they sleep together.”

Last night, a US TV insider said, “No-one expected a woman to play Dr Watson but executives want to shake it up.’’

Let us know what you think; is this a ludicrous idea or a stroke of genius?

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