Sherlock: James McAvoy warns Benedict that other actors want to “chop his legs off”


Benedict Cumberbatch is one of this country’s most talented and successful actors of all time, but great fame often comes with resentment from one’s peers and he has been issued a warning by fellow British actor, James McAvoy to watch his back as other actors “might want to chop his legs off”!

Thankfully the pair are old friends so we think he was joking!

Cumberbatch rose to fame playing Sherlock in the hit BBC modern day spin on the famous mystery novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and since landing the role has seen offer after offer come flooding through his door, from all sides of the globe.

Having just starred in the huge blockbuster sequel to the new Star Trek movies, playing villain John Harrison in Star Trek: Into Darkness, Cumberbatch is currently filming a new film Magik in which he plays the lead role Lewis, as well as providing the voice and motion movement for the dragon in the new Hobbit trilogy.


Yet, despite his CV practically doubling by the week, Cumberbatch has still found the time to return to his roots to reprise his role as Sherlock for the third series, which is currently being filmed, along with his co-star Martin Freeman.


However, he is not so big that he hasn’t taken McAvoy’s words of warning, as he has explained to The Sun newspaper:

“I read a piece in The New York Times where James McAvoy was quoted as saying, ‘Oh, Benedict doesn’t need to fear the media or his fans or his new profile’,

“‘He just needs to fear actors who will be looking at him with envy and want to cut his legs off’.”

However, Benedict insists that this is not the way his true friends in the industry feel, continuing:

“Most of my friends who are actors are just really, really thrilled with what I’ve got. It’s kind of humbling, actually. And it’s nice because I’m not as good-looking as James.”

In other news, magician Dynamo claims that Benedict stole his fake death scene in the recent series finale.

Cumberbatch also revealed that he wants to transform his body into something resembling that of Daniel Craig.

Sherlock returns to our screens later this year, watch an interview with Benedict in the clip below:

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  1. Yaatz on June 26, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    Ha! Well, considering James’ bizarre sense of humour (watch a couple of his interviews on youtube, you’ll see what I mean), I’d say it was a harmless comment not to be taken too seriously. Certainly nothing to make news over. :/

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