Sherlock spoilers: Lara Pulver on getting naked & Irene Adler’s return!

by Anna Howell

lara pulver benedict cumberbatch

We may have seen Sherlock Holmes getting engaged in the last series of Sherlock, but there will only ever be one “woman” in his life really.

Fans of the hit BBC detective series will remember that Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) seemed to meet his match when meeting Irene “The Woman” Adler back ins series 2, only for her to fade in to the night again as quickly as she came.

Since her first appearance, which raised more than a few eyebrows due to her total nudity, Irene Adler, played by Lara Pulver, has been referenced constantly between Sherlock and his partner in crime fighting, John Watson (Martin Freeman). Not to mention talked about quite a lot off screen too!

But, while her entrance was one of the most memorable we have ever encountered, you may be very surprised to learn that Lara Pulver, the actress who plays Irene Adler, was not actually naked.


The actress, who has been linked romantically to the shows lead star Benedict Cumberbatch in the past, has revealed this interesting fact in a recent interview with the telegraph, where she insisted that “Sherlock wasn’t about that 90 seconds,”

That hasn’t stopped people talking about it though, and even speculating over whether or not she auditioned for the part naked, which, she told the publication that when she heard about this, she responded quite definitively:

“I was like, ‘No! You can’t say that, because young girls will leave drama school thinking they have to get naked to get a job.”


Another question on everyone’s minds since Adler left our BBC screens is whether or not we can expect to see her back in the new series, to which Pulver mused:

“I honestly don’t know,

“She’s only in one book – and Steven and [co-creator] Mark Gatiss are big Conan Doyle fans.”

Would you like to see Irene Adler back in Sherlock in the future? Leave your thoughts and comments below, and watch Pulver’s unforgettable first scene again in the clip below: