Sherlock: Mark Gatiss promises to explain Moriarty return, did he fake his own death too?

sherlock moriarty

sherlock moriarty

While we were all still trying to digest the explanation as to how Sherlock faked his own death at the end of series two, the writers of the hit BBC detective series threw a curve ball at the end of series 3 when they apparently brought back Moriarty from the dead too!

Fans will know that during the now epic episode The Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) was forced to jump, supposedly to his death, from the top of St Bart’s hospital in order to prevent his loved ones being killed after his arch nemesis, Moriarty (Andrew Scott) – the only person who could call off the murderous order – shot himself in the head.

Our attention was focussed on Sherlock after he appeared at the end of that episode alive and well, even while his friends continued to mourn his death, but we had to wait a whopping two years to find exactly how he had pulled it off.

The answer, which really boiled down to a few homeless actors, some fake blood, a squash ball and a crash mat, was revealed to us in the first installment of series three, The Empty Hearse, but with one mystery kind of solved, another one soon developed (well it is Sherlock, after all!) when Moriarty popped up in video form during the last episode of series three, His last Vow, asking us all if we had missed him.

sherlokc moriarty 3

Had Moriarty somehow managed to fake his own death too? It seemed unlikely, given the nature of his ‘suicide’, which even co-creator Steven Moffat pointed out, but if he was still dead, how on earth could he have known that Sherlock would have survived the fall?

The answer, we’re afraid, will have to wait till the fourth series, but in the meantime co-creator Mark Gatiss has been discussing the situation in a recent interview with HeyUGuys at the recent BAFTA Awards.

When asked whether it was planned for Andrew Scott, the actor who plays Moriarty, to feature more in the fourth series, and whether we would be let in on the secret, Gatiss teased: “Well, you’ll have to see, won’t you!

“I mean, we will have to explain it of course, because clearly he shot himself in the head, so I just don’t know.”

sherlock moriarty 1

The Sherlock and Doctor Who writer went on to admit there are comparisons between the fates of Moriarty and Sherlock, commenting: “We’ve done it again, haven’t we?”

So there you have it, the answer is as clear as mud and just like Sherlock’s ‘suicide’ reveal, the answer won’t be forthcoming anytime soon.

Come on series four!

Watch the video that sparked this huge mystery for yourselves in the clip below:

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