Sherlock: Martin Freeman gets more fan mail for Watson role than for The Hobbit!


Sherlock star Martin Freeman has revealed that he gets more fan mail for the hit BBC detective series than he does for his title role in the Peter Jackson Hobbit films.

Freeman, who is currently filming the last scenes for the latest film in the epic Hobbit trilogy in which he plays Bilbo Baggins, has played Dr John Watson in the modern-day twist on Sherlock Holmes since it first began in 2010 and has acquired much adoration and acclaim from fans.

More so, it would seem, than the recognition he has received for his leading role in the huge blockbuster chain as he says he gets more fan mail for Sherlock!
The actor explained to The Independent: “I get more 12-year-olds coming up to me than I used to. But, I promise, I still have a lot of conversations with people that have no idea who I am. Which is great for me as I usually just want to eat a bowl of pasta in peace.

“I’d have been quite happy being known as ‘Tim from The Office’ and now Bilbo Baggins and John Watson have come along.


“Sherlock’ is one of the biggest things I will do, ever – we could never have predicted that level of insanity around the series. I think that gets me more fan mail than Bilbo. Not that I think I am the biggest deal in the universe.

“If someone had a pint with me, they’d find out pretty quickly I’m not so nice, I’m not Tim from The Office, although a lot of people still think I am. I have absolutely no problem telling someone to f**k off.”

Despite the surprising balance of population between the two projects, we bet Freeman is still happy that Peter Jackson rescheduled the entire movie so that he could be in The Hobbit:

Martin Freeman

“I had to turn it down because of being contractually obliged to do the second series of Sherlock for the BBC, which we are doing in the middle of this year,” he said.

“When I found out I couldn’t do both it was very sad. And then it was very flattering when Peter Jackson rearranged the filming around my availability.”

Sherlock returns to BBC1 this autumn. Leave your comments below…