Sherlock: Martin Freeman reveals a robbery on day of audition almost cost him the part of Watson!

by Anna Howell
sherlock martin freeman 1

sherlock martin freeman 1

He is one half of one of this country’s most famous crime-fighting duos, but Martin Freeman has revealed that he almost missed out on the gig altogether!

Martin Freeman has entertained the nation as John Watson, the loyal sidekick of the great London detective Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) for two series’, gripping us with his dry wit and remarkable quick thinking.

Since appearing in Sherlock Freeman has gone on to find unimaginable fame, most notably playing the title role of the new Peter Jackson Hobbit trilogy, but it all may never have happened as a robbery on the morning of the audition for the role of Watson almost cost him the job.

Discussing the situation with the Radio Times the actor, whose real life partner Amanda Abbington joins the cast in the new series playing Watson’s bride Mary Morstan, explained how having his wallet lifted by a thief put him off slightly:

“I’ll admit maybe I was a bit stressed,

“But a week later my agent rang and said, ‘Listen, this Sherlock thing, they’re sort of under the impression you weren’t that into it.’ And I said ‘Oh… I am really interested. Please call them and let them know that I am interested.’ I wasn’t being blasé about it at all. I just wasn’t on my best day.”

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

Freeman went on to explain how it was his second audition, reading alongside the show’s main star Benedict Cumberbatch, which sealed the deal for him in the end:

“I came in again, read with Benedict and it instantly worked, it seemed to me… I thought he was a fantastic actor and there was something about our rhythms, similarities and differences that meant that it just happened.”

Sherlock returns to our BBC screens tomorrow (January 1 2014) at 9pm where the mystery of how the famous detective managed to fake his own death at the end of series two will finally be answered – Watch the mini prequel for it, Many Happy Returns, in the clip below: