Sherlock: Producers say about show’s future “you might not always get three episodes a series!”

by Anna Howell
sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman his last vow

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman his last vow

Whilst the main topic of conversation surrounding Sherlock (apart from the whole fake death thing) usually centres on how long we have to wait for the next series, one thing we were almost sure of is how many episodes per series we would get – But that could all be about to change.

Ever since Sherlock first hit our BBC screens back in 2010 we were given a short series of three episodes, each an hour and a half long, making it feel more like a film trilogy, which made it a little easier to swallow.

However, show producer, Sue Vertue, has now comes out to say that this may not always be the case!

Ever since series three of Sherlock ended spectacularly on our screens last month, with the surprise return of Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) arch nemesis, Moriarty (Andrew Scott), the question on everyone’s’ lips (again apart from the whole fake death thing) was ‘how long till series 4?’

Co-creators Moffat and Mark Gatiss both came out in force to promise that the new series would begin production as soon as physically possible, with even the possibility of it returning to our screens this Christmas being hinted.

Of course this all depends on the ridiculously busy schedules of the show’s two main stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who have both found global adoration and fame since appearing as Sherlock and Watson.

sherlock benedict cumberbatch martin freeman

But now it seems the big question isn’t when series 4 will return, but how long for?

According to the show’s producer, Sue Vertue, each episode will still remain at 90 minutes in length, but what might be changing is how many episodes we get in a series!

Digital Spy have quotes Vertue, who is married to Seven Moffat, as saying this on the subject:

“The [unaired] pilot was 60 minutes. But… we shot it again and made the pilot 90 minutes. Since then, it’s always been 90 minutes.

“You might not always have three, possibly, but they’ll stay that length. It’s a good length, I think.”

Of course if this means that maybe a series will last 4 or more episodes this is fantastic news. However, given how long it takes them to even make three, the chances are this will probably mean a decrease in episodes instead.

Either way, this is Sherlock which means we will only know what they want us to know and will therefore be waiting for the answer to this for around the same time we will have to wait for the next series!