Sherlock Series 3 Finale Spoilers: Young Sherlock played by Steven Moffat’s son, Louis!

by Anna Howell
louis moffat sherlock

louis moffat sherlock

Last night Sherlock fans were treated to more than a few surprises as the show brought its third series to an end, but one you might not have noticed was the introduction of writer Steven Moffat’s son, Louis!

Sherlock is renowned for keeping its casting ‘in the family’ with Amanda Abbington, who is the real life partner of Martin Freeman, brought in to play Watson’s wife, Mary, along with Benedict Cumberbatch’s real life parents, Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham who were introduced as Sherlock’s parents in the last series.

But there was another relative of the show during last night’s finale, which saw Sherlock commit murder to protect Mary, who we discovered was not really Mary at all, and who shot Sherlock in the chest, when in a series of flash back scenes we saw Sherlock as a young boy – And that boy was played by Louis Moffat the son of Steven Moffat, and his wife and show producer Sue Vertue!

Louis has appeared in Sherlock before, as a Scared Countdown Boy in an earlier series, with his mother Sue Vertue taking to social networking site, Twitter, to inform fans of how proud she, and Steven were, tweeting:

“Louis Moffat, our son, was Scared Countdown Boy on Sherlock. Wasn’t he BRILLIANT? Or are we just proud parents?”

Meanwhile Steven Moffat addressed the subject of introducing a young Sherlock into the show at the screening of His Last Vow at BAFTA’s London HQ, earlier this week explaining the move was a natural progression, adding:

“Once you’ve got the parents in and you’ve got the sibling rivalry and stuff, people start to think, ‘well what was young Sherlock like?’ You just want those things, you want to see those things, it’s part of updating it.”

sherlock mary morstan

His Last Vow had many more tricks and twists in store for us, the most notable events being the return of Moriarty (Andrew Scott), Sherlock killing his new nemesis Charles Augustus Magnussen and the revelation that Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) was actually an a assassin!

A fourth series is expected to begin production this Spring, with bosses eager to get a Christmas Day special arranged for this year too!

Watch the cast and crew discussing last night’s series finale in the clip below: