Sherlock Series 3: Martin Freeman says he is loyal to the show!


After we reported earlier this week how Benedict Cumberbatch had stated that he was “in it for the long haul”, his Sherlock co-star, Martin Freeman has said that, he too, is staying loyal to the hit BBC detective series.

Cumberbatch, who along with Freeman has already signed up for a fourth series of the blockbuster show, stated in a recent interview that he would like to grow old with his on-screen eccentrically brilliant alter ego, and that he could see the show, which is a modern day twist on the famous novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, lasting for many years to come.

Discussing the show with the Radio Times, Benedict explained the impact his new role has had on him, and said that even his mum thinks he is like the eccentric London detective:

“She sees a lot of me in Sherlock, which both makes her laugh and is slightly embarrassing. I suppose it’s my rushing around, my impatience.”

On the subject of the third series, which Cumberbatch is currently filming, he continued:

“It’s a cracking first episode. I can’t wait for people to see it. Really exciting. There’s a lot to answer.

“Sherlock is alive – that’s not an apparition. It’d be very odd if we saw inside Watson’s head and it was a picture of himself walking away from Sherlock’s grave in order to cut back to an image of Sherlock.”


With regards to the future of the show, he went on:

“I’d like to see him age with me. I wouldn’t mind Sherlock going on for a long time. Maybe we could revisit it as a one-off or a two-parter. Assuming Martin Freeman and I are free at the same time.”

And it would seem that Martin Freeman is just as keen as him, as he has hinted in an interview of his own how he is as enthusiastic about the show as Cumberbatch.


Speaking to Empire, The hobbit star explained:

“I believe in doing things for as long as people love them, and all I can say is that I really love the show,

“I feel very loyal to it and I like doing it… for as long as they want to do it and as long as we all want to do it.”

“I’ve got some great reactions to things I’m very proud of, but I don’t think any surpass Sherlock in terms of critical acclaim and number of people watching – and just a general feeling that you’re in a mini Beatlemania.”