Sherlock series 3 on hold due to Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman,Steven Moffat’s busy schedules?

Sherlock’s third series could be delayed it has revealed, because some of the key players in the show are up to their eyeballs with other work.

It was confirmed earlier this year that a third run of the hit drama had been commissioned by the BBC and it was expected to be broadcast in the UK in early 2013. However, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) executive Rebecca Eaton has admitted that scheduling dates for filming the popular show is proving to be difficult, because of the hectic schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Steven Moffat.

Eaton has revealed that the new run will contain an absolute maximum of three episodes and explained the expected delay saying:

‘It’s getting harder and harder to do another season, not just because Benedict and Martin are getting such high profiles, but Steven and Mark are busy and in demand.’

She added:

‘Steven [Moffat] crafts them, and Mark [Gatiss] writes some of them.

‘It’s a lot of work, and [Steven] also does Doctor Who and he worked on Tintin, so there couldn’t be more than three.’

PBS airs Sherlock in America and will launch the second season – which aired in the UK in January – at the end of this week, May 6th.

Speaking to Collider, Rebecca also admitted that she always knew the show was going to be a hit, ever since she watched the first episode.

She continued:

‘I knew, as soon as I saw Sherlock, that it was going to be special. The fact that it caught fire the way that it did, didn’t surprise me.’

One of the projects that may be holding things up for the team, is Benedict’s new role on the Star Trek Two movie. We reported on exactly what part he will be playing in the film yesterday, along with a few other spoilers about the cast.

It’s no surprise that scheduling has become difficult for the Sherlock team, as they ran into the same issues last year. While planning the second series, producers found it difficult to coordinate the schedules of the principal players and Moffat and Gatiss. Cumberbatch and Freeman both worked on the 2012 film The Hobbit, and Moffat continued as Doctor Who’s head writer.