Sherlock Series 3 Spoilers: Hypnotist Derren Brown spotted on set, putting Martin Freeman under spell – Could this be how Sherlock faked his own death?????

by Anna Howell

Derren Brown 30000

We have all been wondering from the very moment the last episode of Sherlock ended just how the show creators were going to explain how the fiendishly clever detective was able to get up and walk away having just, apparently, plummeted to his death from the top of a high-rise hospital building, and pictures in today’s Sun newspaper may just have the answers.

Fans of the hit BBC detective series based on the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle with a modern-day twist, will know how filming for the much-anticipated third series began earlier this month, and now pictures have emerged showing the famous hypnotist and magician Derren Brown on set, apparently putting Martin Freeman’s character, John Watson, under a hypnotic trance.

In one picture, featured in today’s publication, Apocalypse creator Brown can be seen with his hand over Freeman Hobbit star Freeman’s face, with another two showing the actor, whose partner Mr Selfridge star Amanda Abbington is rumoured to have joined the cast as his on-screen love interest this series, slumping to the ground, apparently unconscious.

The paper reports that the scenes leading to this bizarre twist show Freeman’s character running, screaming to where Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) body should be, carrying on precisely from the moment series two ended last year, but before he has a chance to reach the spot, he encounters the mystery man, played by Brown.


After Watson collapses Brown’s character can be seen running off with his aggressive looking shaven head covered by a hood.

Also spotted during the filming was Andrew Scott, who plays Sherlock’s arch-enemy Jim Moriarty, though it is possible that his presence could have been used as a flash back sequence to the last episode.

The third series of Sherlock is due to hit our screens later this year,

Watch an interview with Cumberbatch in the clip below: