Sherlock Series 3 Spoilers: New pictures show Watson’s wedding & Charles Augustus Magnussen (PICTURES)

by Anna Howell
sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

sherlock martin freeman benedict cumberbathc

With the new series only one more day away, the BBC have released new pictures from Sherlock!

For two years the nation has waited patiently (ish) for the third series of the hit BBC detective series to return to our screens, with many an unsolved mystery hanging over it.

The producers of the show, in true Sherlock style, have kept almost every last scrap of information from us in a bid to keep the show’s return, and in particular the explination as to how Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) faked his own death, a big surprise.

Fans of the hit show will know how the great London detective seemingly threw himself off a high-rise building at the end of series 2, only to be seen alive and well at the end of the series finale, leaving everyone agonising over just how he managed to do it.

But, despite the shows secrecy, we have been given some clues to work on, and some snippits of information to help us figure out what to expect when the show returns with The Empty Hearse tomorrow night, an d now these pictures have given us even more food for thought.

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Featured in the series of snaps, released by the network earlier this week, is a snap of Watson’s (Martin Freeman) wedding to Mary Morstan (played by Freeman’s real life partner, Amanda Abbington), with Sherlock taking the role of best man.

Also we have a first glimpse of Alice Lowe who joins the cast playing a nurse believed to be called Tessa, as well as the introduction of Lars Mikkelsen who is to play new villain on the block, Charles Augustus Magnussen.

There are also two almost identical poses of Sherlock and Freeman sitting in a coffee shop, and one of them speaking to an army soldier.

Amanda Abbington can be seen in a flattering pose as well as looking amazing on her wedding day.

Sherlock returns to our BBC screens tomorrow (January 1 2014) at 9pm – Watch the mini prequel, Many Happy Returns, in the clip below: