Sherlock Series 3 Spoilers: Could John Watson (Martin Freeman) be about to get married as producers release details of second episode, The Sign Of Three!

by Anna Howell


Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have added fuel to the ever burning rumour that series three of the hit BBC detective series will feature Sherlock’s companion, John Watson, get married!

For months speculation had been rife that series three would see the famous Dr meet his soul mate, Mary Morston, who he later goes on to marry after three words, “rat”, “wedding” and “bow”, were announced in association with the series.

And now the genius’ behind the blockbuster series, which sees Benedict Cumberbatch leading the show in the title role, have revealed that episode two of the much-anticipated third series is called The Sign Of Three.

The title is an adaption of the Arthur Conan Doyle novel which, it is presumed, the episode is based on called The Sign of Four, in which Dr Watson, played in the adaptation by The Hobbit star Martin Freeman, meets Mary, who he later marries.

And, if that wasn’t enough evidence to support this theory, cast your minds back a few weeks when we reported that Freeman’s real-life partner, Mr Selfridges star Amanda Abbington had been spotted on set filming for the series.


The actress, whose most recent role was that of Miss Mardle in the hugely popular ITV period drama Mr Selfridge, has been seeing Freeman, who shot to fame playing Tim in Ricky Gervais’ smash sitcom The Office, since they first met on the set of Only Men back in 2010, and has two children by him.

According to Digital Spy the actress was spotted filming a scene for an episode running to a bonfire with Sherlock.

And, when asked by Radio Times if Abbington had been cast as her off-screen partners new on-screen love interest, both Gatiss and Moffat responded with their official quote, which was released two weeks ago, saying that Abbington is playing: “a role that significantly impacts upon the lives of John and Sherlock”.


In the original Conan Doyle novel, Watson’s relationship with Mary eventually sees him move out of the Baker Street lodgings he currently shares with Sherlock.

The Sign of Three has been written by Steve Thompson, who penned series one episode The Blind Banker as well as the dramatic season-two finale The Reichenbach Fall. Episode one of the new series is called The Empty Hearse, and will uncover the mystery behind Sherlock’s fake suicide.

Watch the 1932 version of The Sign of Four in the clip below:


  1. Alison on April 12, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    I’m really, really not happy about this!
    I mean it actually hurts to think of (BBC) John married. It’s just so…so…ordinary! This version of Sherlock always had what every other version didn’t – the element of surprise, difference and, yes, it had Johnlock. I loved the mystery that Sherlock and John’s relationship involved, the innuendos and sly remarks from everyone they met, the importance and endearingly fascinating side to their friendship. This can’t seriously be what that bond, what that love has boiled down to…John getting wed to his so called ‘soul mate’ and living happily ever after? It’s disappointing to say the least. One can only hope that Mary isn’t all that she seems, that Moffat and Gatiss have a few twists and surprises up their sleeves, and that she isn’t going to be the typical, understanding and likable character/wife that many are expecting. We need excitement, danger and, essentially, the boy’s undeniable chemistry back!! Please god, don’t let Sherlock become – dare I say it – …dull.

  2. Jean on April 24, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    Not me. I’m thrilled! Johnlock, bleah.

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