Steven Moffat teases Sherlock’s “outstanding” new villain Charles Augustus Magnussen!

by Anna Howell

sherlock charles augustus

With the new series of Sherlock only just over a week away, co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have given us a little insight into the new villain on the block, Charles Augustus Magnussen. For the first two series’ of Sherlock the main object of the great London detectives attention was the evil genius that was Moriarty!

Of course we all know that it was Sherlock who had the last laugh when, after being blackmailed into committing suicide at the top of a high-rise building in order to save his friends lives, Sherlock was seen at the end of series 2 alive and well.

So now that Moriarty is content in the (false) knowledge that Sherlock is no more, the BBC had to bring in another arch-nemesis for Benedict Cumberbatch’s hugely popular character to battle against in series 3.

It was announced earlier this year that the villain in question would be none other than Charles Augustus Magnussen, who is to be played by Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen, and who Steven Moffat has described as outstanding!

Discussing the latest addition to the Sherlock legacy, Moffat’s co-creator Mark Gattis had this to say:

“Lars is a stunning actor and the nicest man. He’s a delight to be around. He’s brought something really interesting and new to the show.

“We’ve talked about doing Charles Augustus for quite some time. He’s a proper big realised baddie. His original title was The Worst Man in London.”

Sherlock Series 3

To which Moffat added: “He allowed us to move the character on. He’s now Danish. Like everything in Sherlock, we take the original and move it around slightly. I think he’s an outstanding villain. He will give you proper chills and make you shrivel at times.”

In the contrast between Charles and Moriarty, Gatiss continued:

“He is a man to whom power is second nature. He’s not a baddie in his own mind.”

Meanwhile Cumberbatch himself went on to describe the new character as an “archetypal bully”, adding:

He is so measured and precise – he is like a shark, a terrifyingly perfect predator of our age

His means and methods are chillingly everyday in our culture. He’s a smart creation, very real and not fantastical.

He’s got a foreign perspective on the English culture which Holmes so perfectly personifies and the fact that he fights on the side of the angels. He sort of reduces what Holmes protects.”

Sherlock returns to our BBC 1 screens at 9pm on New Year’s Day – Watch the official trailer for it in the clip below: