Sherlock Series 4 Spoilers: Plans for Moriarty revealed, and more female characters’ to be cast?

sherlock moriarty

sherlock moriarty

Sherlock wouldn’t be Sherlock if it didn’t keep us on our toes, but one of the biggest bafflers to hook us recently has been the return of Moriarty at the end of series 3!

Fans of the epic BBC detective series will know how Moriarty (Andrew Scott) shot himself in the face on the top of St Bart’s hospital during the series 2 finale, right before Sherlock supposedly jumped to his death too!

Now we all knew straight away that Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) wasn’t actually dead, as he could be seen stood by his own graveside in the very last scene, which meant that our imaginations were completely taken up trying to figure out how he could have pulled it off, for the next two years until the show returned with the answer!

Whilst this question continued to bound around everyone’s minds, it left no room to even consider the fact that Sherlock wasn’t the only one who faked his own death – Until the end of series 3, that is!

In the very last scenes of series 3 Sherlock, who was headed out of London on a plane to exile to avoid being imprisoned for killing Charles Augustus Magnusson, the world’s media was hacked by a video of none other than Moriarty himself, asking Sherlock personally “did you miss me?”

This caused Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) to call the plane back as they knew that Sherlock was the only person to be able to sort this new mystery out.

sherlock moriarty 1

Since then people have speculated endlessly over how Moriarty, who Sherlock witnessed pulling the trigger of the gun, could have possibly survived.

Then co-creator Steven Moffat revealed that the “did you miss me” scene was decided at the last minute, on the cutting room floor, as well as hinting that Moriarty was, as originally believed, dead – As how could he have possibly faked it.

But, that doesn’t explain what the writers were originally planning to do with Sherlock after sending him away, now does it?

Anyway, this is Sherlock so we won’t know anything until Moffat and Gatiss want us to, and even then it will be what they choose to tell us, but still we can’t help but ponder over it all – And today’s news may fuel that even more!

Moffat has been throwing us a few more teasers in a recent interview with Enstars, where he is reported to have revealed that Moriarty WILL be featured in series 4, and WILL be pinnacle to the storyline – Though he didn’t say whether Moriarty will be alive exactly, so there is always a chance that this entire thing could have been plotted and planned before his death, to play out after it!

According to the publication Moffat had planned for Moriarty to reappear in series’ 3 & 4 from way back in series 2, with Andrew Scott, who plays Moriarty, fully aware of his part in the future of the show.

sherlock molly

Also the writing genius has revealed that women will play a more dominant part in series 4 of Sherlock, with more focus on current leading ladies, Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey) and Mrs Hudson’s (Una Stubbs) whose friendships will be further explored.

The publication quotes Moffat as saying on the matter:

“A female perspective on that friendship and on that man is incredibly telling, incredibly illuminating. So we’ve expanded hugely the part of Mrs. Hudson because she didn’t speak in the original. And we brought Molly in.

“Every time we bring a woman into Sherlock, it works hugely well.”

A start date, or broadcast date, for series 4 of Sherlock has yet to be confirmed,

Watch an interview with Moffat and Gatiss in the clip below: